Top 10 Effective Ways to Fast Track Your Career

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Your career is something that you can say you have accomplished yourself. Regardless of how you got to where you are now, it is a by-product of your hard work, your socialization, and the many nights of working overtime. Your career is something you should be proud of always.

Like a child’s arcade game, a career has levels that go up and up, and with it also grow your name and your paycheck. Who would not want a fat paycheck, right? Here are the top 10 effective ways to fast track your career.

1. Know the path you want to pursue.

The first thing to do when you enter the universe of professional practices and careers is to know the path you want to pursue. When you graduate from college or when you start applying to companies, ask yourself: how do I see myself in the next five or ten years?

Be specific with how you see yourself – your role in a company, your own company, or your life by that time. Having a view of the future makes it easier to formulate a plan on how to get there.

2. Be determined to follow that path

It’s like going in a dense forest for a hike. Whatever you do, stay in the trail and you will get out the other side unscathed with lots of new memories to keep in your memory jar.

The same thing with your career. When things seem a bit confusing, go back to your plan and see if you are still on the right path. It’s okay if you swayed a bit, as long as you go back to your own path.

3. Create specific and “doable” goals

The easiest way to fast track your career is to create small, specific, and “doable” goals. By doable we mean little and simple tasks that slowly build up your name and reputation in your field.

Remember, no task is too small for a person determined to give his best. Keep track of even the simplest tasks.

4. Never say “no” to opportunities

There are many opportunities out there and it is up to you to grab them. They make come in the form of seminars, workshops, meetings and planning sessions, mingling with the executives in your office, etc.

If you want to fast track your career, you should always be ready to give time and effort to these activities where you can expand your knowledge of your field and build your network.

5. Always be in the know

We’re not talking about office gossip, and by the way, that is something you should avoid.

Being in the know means being updated with news about your company, memorandums, and organizational announcements. Be in the know on who’s who in your company so you can address them properly.

6. Maintain a healthy working relationship with co-workers

You will find that a healthy and professional relationship with your colleagues actually plays a big role in your success and fast-tracking your career.

When you become too close with your co-workers, friendships and emotions can cause a conflict of interest. At the same time, a lack of bond with them can separate you from the group.

7. Take on leadership roles and tasks

Never be hesitant to stand up and take on leadership roles. If it is your first time, you can always learn on the job as long as you are determined to learn.

If you have done it several times, volunteering on heading a project or special task is another nudge up to your name and reputation, which can look good on your resume.

8. Have your works critiqued

Success does not come by working alone or relying on your own knowledge. Seek feedback and constructive criticism on your projects before submitting them. This does not mean you lack confidence in your work.

This means you are determined to submit the best by asking guidance from those who already know how it is done.

9. Be confident to face any challenge

Confidence is a vital key to fast track your career.

Wherever you go, the people who always take a stand, who is knowledgeable of their role and is confident with themselves are mostly the ones who get the approval. Be confident with yourself.

10. Always go the extra mile

As we said, no task is too small if you are determined to win. When performing tasks and projects – even the simplest ones – go the extra mile.

It can be done by researching more about the project, adding more than just the required information on your reports, or listening to the underlying needs of your superiors.

Working hard to grow your career faster is a wise move for your future. Never undermine your abilities and always work towards a goal. In the end, it is you who will reap the benefits of what you sow.

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