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Although they require extensive training, these jobs are always in demand and pay a handsome salary. Take a look at these jobs that makes an earning about $90,000 a year or more.

1. Physician

A physician is the highest paid profession with an earning of about $156,000 a year. They are tasked to be primary care providers for individuals or families. They are capable of diagnosing and treating a variety of medical conditions and other ailments. One of their tasks is to perform physical examinations and refer patients to other specialists for treatment.

They can work privately in a clinic or in a hospital. The profession requires extensive training and doctoral degrees. Physicians are also required to take the state medical board to be full-pledged care providers.

2. Dentist

A dentist can earn about $123,000 annually and that includes General Surgery, Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and General Dentists. Dentists are tasked to instruct patients with preventive dental care, what causes them and how to treat them. They also examine teeth, gums, and related tissues with the use of instruments intended for dentistry and other diagnostic equipment.

They are also licensed to provide anesthetics to lessen the pain during dental procedures. They can also diagnose and treat diseases and malformations of teeth through corrective procedures.

3. Marketing Manager

The average payout a marketing manager can get is about $79,000 a year, but they can earn as much as $200,000 depending on the company they work for. They are hired to direct, plan and oversee marketing strategies of the company’s services and products.

They should be updated on market changes and be able to adjust marketing strategies too. Marketing managers are tasked to look after staff operations, business planning, and advertising budgets.

4. Senior IT Manager

IT managers are usually responsible for working with computers and handles technological problems in the offices. They are responsible for planning and scheduling project guidelines and goals and make sure that they are being met in a given timeline.

ITs should be knowledgeable about the technology the company uses and know how to operate them. They should be good problem solvers and are capable of fixing technology-related glitches. Senior IT managers can earn as much as $111,000 a year.

5. Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers are well compensated and can earn as much as $98,000 annually. They must first complete an undergraduate degree and then three years in law school to obtain a Juris Doctor degree. A state bar examination should be taken and passed by one who aspires to be a lawyer. They can work in private practice or as part of a legal group.

Their job is to collect evidence and formulate a defense. They should analyze, interpret laws and other regulations with probable cause. They are also required to represent their clients in court and present cases to the judges and juries.

6. Financial Manager

Financial managers can earn about $65,000 a year. A financial manager can either work in a consulting firm or directly from a company. They manage client accounts and help the clients to learn about their weaknesses and the risks involved in financial situations.

Financial managers also take charge of creating goals that are realistic and can be achieved by the company. They can also aid in giving financial decisions in critical situations.

7. Pharmacist

Pharmacists can earn about $80,000 to $113,000, including cash allowances, bonuses, and profit-sharing. They work with over-the-counter and prescribed medications daily and are trained health professionals who can dispense and review prescribed medications.

One of their tasks is to check medications for accuracy and if it complies with the professional, state, and regulatory requirements to avoid liability from selling to an underage or from selling a medication that is presently illegal. Another task of a pharmacist is to be updated with new trends and laws regarding already existing medications and new ones as well.

8. Software developer

Software developers make good money these days, they can earn about $67,000 a year. Their job is to develop computer applications. These computer applications allow users to perform specific tasks on their computers and other gadgets.

They are also capable of modifying and customizing already existing systems for a better one. To have this job, you have to complete a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or information technology.

9. Veterinarian

A veterinarian’s job is to examine the animals, check their health status and diagnose injuries and other ailments. He can also provide treatment, prescribe medications, and advise pet owners on their plan of care.

Another responsibility of a veterinarian is to administer vaccinations and collect specimens for laboratory tests. It is also a veterinarian’s job to advise pet owners of the best treatment options available and to be a source of comfort for families when euthanizing a pet. They can earn about $72,000 a year.

10. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who perform similar functions as licensed physicians. They also pursue post-graduate education and are capable of treating and diagnosing medical conditions and other ailments. They are licensed to prescribe medications and change dosages according to the physician’s diagnosis, as they work to cooperate as a team with them.

They can also conduct physical examinations and can advise patients on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle alterations. They can earn about $85,000 to $112,000 a year.

Some people in these professions underwent such extensive studies to get where they are today. It is only fair that they are well compensated for their knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. To live a life in comfort, are you willing to do the same?

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