Top 10 Reasons to Become a Doctor

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Being a doctor is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious professions there is. It is an extremely grueling job from years of study and internships that never seem to end. But despite all these, students still have the heart to study medicine. If it’s mind-boggling for you, here are some of the top reasons why they do.

1. To help people

Doctors do what they do because of the fulfillment of helping sickly people. The healer in them knows no bounds and no race, only compassion for those who need medical attention. It is always a great feeling of being able to help cure the sick because of your medical knowledge.

Doctors find it important to use the knowledge they have gained and not to be put to waste.

2. Get to know a diverse group of people

Doctors work with different kinds of people every day. They try to work well with the nurses and other medical staff to perform an effective care plan for the patients. They also work with the patients’ families to work hand in hand in providing care to their patients.

Even before becoming a full-fledged doctor, there will be the handling of different people with different personalities

3. There is work after graduation

There are plenty of job opportunities when medical students graduate. They can work in other medical institutions such as hospitals and other health care facilities.

If there is indecision as to what type of doctor to become, there is enough time to think and ponder while working on a different field this time.

4. The world needs more doctors doctors

There are only a few medical students who make it through becoming a doctor. Every year, it gets fewer and fewer. Sometimes, there are plenty of applicants but after a while, they lose heart and get discouraged, and back out.

The fact is that not all that enroll in medical school, get out with a diploma.

5. The white coat attraction

The white coat always shows that whoever wears it, automatically becomes a doctor. Just imagine the prestige a white coat can bring.

A profession of cleanliness and respectability often requires the use of a white coat and it is also for effect.

6. Communicating with top-notch physicians

As an intern, you are under the supervision of well-known doctors who really know what they are doing. So, to be in partnership with them in giving the best medical intervention there is for a patient is already a great honor.

And having them appreciate you for having done something right is the greatest compliment of all.

7. Finding meaning in life through everyday experiences

One thing‘s for sure, doctors never sat idly in hospitals. There are always on the go, going from one emergency to the next. You have to have the passion to study medicine, otherwise, you would not find fulfillment and enjoyment in such tasks.

When you do have passion, everyday experiences in the hospital are always life-changing.

8. There is a never-ending hunger for learning

As a medical student and even as a doctor, there should be continuous learning about medicine. There are always breakthroughs in science that you need to study and get yourself acquainted with.

A stagnant mind is never good especially in this profession where you need to be always up-to-date with all the current medical trends.

9. Meet a lot of people with the same mindset as yours

Medical school has a plethora of students with a hunger for science and all its branches. Getting to meet this person in one community with the same mindset, ambition, and aspirations as yours would always motivate you to do your best in your chosen field too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who actually understands the words that are coming out of your mouth? Yes, it would be nice to finally find people who get you.

10. Get to do a lot of cool stuff

The human body is not such a mystery when it comes to doctors and medical students. They study it for years and years and get to dissect, operate, and whatever cool and amazing stuff that doctors do to understand the complexities of the human anatomy.

Sometimes, this “cool stuff” is taxing for them, but when they learn something new it is always worth all the trouble.

Being a physician may have its perks, but it also has its downsides. Again, this job is not for the faint-hearted. It requires hard work and determination for you to get there. You will get separated from family and friends for a long period of time. You will miss special holidays yearly and you can’t complain. It would mean more stress and work for you all year round. But despite the discouragement, if you are up for all of this, these would all sound amazing.

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