Top 10 Ways to Spend a Hundred Dollars

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If you are always complaining about not having enough cash all the time, then what would you do if you have an extra 100 dollars to spend to your liking? Here are the top ten ways to show you how, so that when the time comes that it becomes a reality, you will already know what to do.

1. Home Decorations

If you are eyeing a very nice vase in a home improvement store to beautify your living room, then this is the time to buy it. And if you have something extra left, you can add something like an antique piece of a figurine.

Or something really eye-catching that would be effective conversation-starters when you have guests at home.

2. Save for a rainy day

It is important that you have something stowed away for emergencies, like late paychecks, unpaid electric and water bills, parking tickets, and other untoward incidents.

It would be a relief knowing that you have something saved for such events. When this happens, you would not further embarrass yourself by borrowing from someone else.

3. Pay off old debts

Paying off your credit card bills would give you the peace of mind you have always wanted. Also, paying off what you owed someone, like a dear friend, would renew a severed relationship if it took so long for you to show up to pay that old debt.

Also, you can start paying off your college loans, if you made one. This is one way to start your life, debt-free.

4. Share the bounty

There are many needy and poor people in your area that does not even have anything to eat right now. So, if you don’t have the need for a hundred dollars as of the moment, it can be used for something useful like feeding the poor, providing shelters, and protective clothing and footwear that they really need during the cold months.

Your 100 dollars would go a long way and can already help a lot of poor people.

5. Treat yourself

You deserve some pampering after a long, grueling day at work. This goes especially for mothers, who work a 24-hour shift every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to put up your feet and have somebody massage it for you or have a body scrub to smoothen those calloused palms and feet?

Then afterward, treat yourself to a good haircut that would take the years off your face.

6. Shop ‘til you drop

Shop your heart out with your extra $100 for shoes, clothes, and even jewelry. Now, you won’t just be able to window shop, but you can now really buy something for yourself this time. Shopping always makes people happy, like retail therapy.

More people get out of depression just by buying something really nice for themselves. So, if you have not been feeling up to par lately,  go and buy something.

7. Spend it with friends and family

This is the best time to call all your friends or family to spend some quality time with them. Catch up with the latest news to anyone. Cook for them, buy the most delicious wine and just relax.

It is good to unwind with people you love and care about, now that you have the chance to make it a little more special with a delicious feast you can now afford.

8. Go on a trip

This amount of money would be sufficient enough for a trip to somewhere exciting that is worth 100 bucks. But if you can shell out a little more extra, then maybe you can go to a foreign country and experience a different culture and meet new people.

Remember, that the memories you make are priceless compared to buying material things.

9. Buy some groceries

Food should be a priority in your home, especially when you have kids. Cooking a home-cooked meal is not only nutritious, but it saves you a lot of money too. It may be a lot of work, but it is all going to be worth it when you have your kids helping you out.

It is one way to spend some time with them and that is another priceless moment.

10. Spend it in the future

If you don’t have the guts to spend it now, maybe you can save it up for later. A college fund would be something worthy to save up for.

If you would save $100 every month for 15-20 years, then perhaps it would be enough to get you through college.

There are more than 10 ways to make your $100 dollars worth of spending for. You have to know your priorities first before you splurge them on something useless. It may seem like a small amount for others, but to some, it is worth something more. So spend wisely.

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