Top 10 Things You Should Never Do at Work

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We always hear the words that our workplace is our second home. Our workplace is sometimes where we meet our closest and dearest friends. Our workplace is where we spend many hours of our day and where we build our lives on. Considering that our workplace is somewhere we have become accustomed to, along with the people in it, it also goes without saying that we act and move so comfortably within its walls that we may forget we are not actually at home. There are times when we even show some of our bad traits, which is not really a good idea.

We forget that we should remain professional and sit upright because that’s what professionals do. But sometimes, one can just get carried away. Here are the top 10 things you should never do at work.

1. Spend hours on your phone

It may be a little tempting at times, especially when taking personal calls is allowed in your workplace, but professionalism dictates that you should focus on your work and avoid spending many hours on your personal business.

Taking calls for urgent matters is acceptable and understandable, but do not let it reach borderline or too much of personal calls.

2. Spend hours on social media

Having access to the internet on our computers or mobile phones is pretty easy nowadays that logging into our social media profiles can be done anywhere, even in the workplace.

Like taking personal calls, social media is also something personal that should be kept under wraps while you are in the workplace.

3. Gossip

We know a lot of people guilty about this and although it may seem harmless sometimes, office gossip is never a healthy habit. One, this only means you have plenty of unproductive hours if you have time to gossip.

Two, gossiping about other people stains your professionalism in the workplace.

4. Hit on your colleagues

Yes, we hear about many love stories that started in the workplace and bloomed into a lifetime commitment. Very inspiring. However, it is totally different from hitting on your attractive colleagues looking for a hookup.

Unless you are planning to marry this person, take the ‘hitting’ somewhere else.

5. Make loud personal phone calls

In addition to spending hours on personal calls, it also goes without saying that when you take your personal calls, you should keep it private.

Do not let the whole office know that you and your partner are arguing or your kids are stubborn. Keep it low.

6. Get angry or violent

For everyone’s defense, you may have colleagues that you are determined they are there to torment you and every day may seem like a struggle. This is never an excuse to let go of your professionalism and be angry or violent.

Never let go of your cool for a few seconds of something that may make you lose your job.

7. Bully

Bullying does not only happen in school. In fact, bullying is even more prominent in the workplace, but it just gets covered with intelligent wordplay or witty insults and many other techniques that we would think are just normal.

Bullying in the office may include but is not limited to gossiping, keeping work information from your colleagues, and the ones we can easily identify like not inviting someone to lunch or forming a group to torment one person.

8. Come to work even when you are sick

One may think this is an admirable trait and sign of dedication, but from a different perspective, it’s not and it is something you should never do for a number of reasons. One, coming in to work sick may affect your efficiency in delivering your tasks which will reflect poorly on you.

Two, you may pass on your sickness to other colleagues which will have a bigger effect on your operations.

9. Lie to lift your own name

It may be tempting at times to lift yourself and your name to your boss at the expense of others. While we all seek faster career growth, playing it dirty is never the right way.

You can talk about your achievements to your boss or colleagues, but never lie just to make your name look good.

10. Create negative issues

A workplace should be buzzing with positivity so that your minds can continue to be creative and productive.

Creating and spreading negative issues can severely affect your operations and colleagues that can ripple as a bad turn for your company.

Whether you like your workmates too much or you don’t like them too much, it still boils down to professionalism and politeness. Even if you are the boss. Most especially if you are the boss. Maintaining your professionalism is a test of character and discipline that will reflect your name.

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