Top 10 Good Luck Charms You Might Want to Have

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It is human nature to believe in superstitions and other primitive practices. People often look up their horoscopes and even bring lucky charms with them to avoid misfortunes. But even it was true or not, good luck charms are a trend no matter if you are a believer or not. So, here are the top ten charms you should bring along, just in case.

1. Acorns

Acorns are believed to bring good fortune to people who possess it.

The Vikings even associate acorns with Thor, the god of thunder and lightning, so, they place acorns on their rooftops to be spared when lightning strikes.

2. Scarabs

Scarabs were priced in ancient Egypt because they were believed to be good luck charms. They are symbols of rebirth, regeneration, and transformation, which are all important for the Egyptians.

They are also seen as symbols of the rising sun and protection from evil spirits.

3. Turtles

Turtles have been valued as good luck symbols. They are thought to bring longevity, hope, and long life. It also symbolizes Mother Earth, and believed to be a link between heaven and earth.

Turtles also have the power to deflect black magic.

4. Elephant

According to Feng Sui, elephants are a symbol of good luck and the ability to overcome death. It also imparts longevity and luck, especially when figurines of elephants are placed on shelves and doorways. They say that it invites good luck to come inside the house. They also symbolize wisdom, power, loyalty, intelligence, strength, and solitude.

The Hindu’s Ganeshsa, presented as a deity with the head of an elephant, is the Hindu’s god of luck.

5. Frogs

Frogs are said to be symbols of prosperity, wealth, friendship, and abundance. They are even regarded as symbols for fertility in other cultures. They are also believed to bring healing and a faster recovery to those who are sick from diseases. The Egyptians also relied on Hekt, which was the frog goddess, to protect their newborn babies.

That is why frogs became symbols of fertility and birth. Among the Aborigines in Australia, frogs are believed to bring thunder and rain to them.

6. Four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover has been a symbol of good luck for some time now. And because it’s rare, the person who happens to chance upon a four-leaf clover will have good luck.

This notion probably originated from Ireland, during St. Patrick’s Day, which makes it Ireland’s national symbol, that has a very long history of how it came to be.

7. Horseshoe

The horseshoe has been a symbol of good luck and has the power to ward off evil. It has also been used as a symbol for good fortune and fertility. It has also been associated with the strength and dependability of a horse. When it is hung inside a house and on the wall, it is said to bring good luck to the owner for as long as it stays inside.

During the 10th century, Saint Dunstan was able to trap an evil spirit on a horseshoe. So, it is believed that when you have a horseshoe in your homes, the evil one would not dare enter into it.

8. Coins

Coins are believed to be lucky. They say that the luckiest coin of all is the one with a hole. When you chance upon it on the street and see it facing down, leave it behind, as it would give no luck at all.

It is even luckier if it happens to turn up as a change when you make a purchase. You will even enhance its powers of luck when it is placed in a left pocket or worn as a necklace.

9. Eggs

Eggs have been regarded as symbols of fertility, rebirth, and purity. They have been used in ancient rituals to promote virility and fertility in other cultures. They are also used as mediums to foresee the future, bring good weather, and to promote the growth of crops. Eggs are also charms to protect young children from misfortunes and fend off evil spirits.

It is also the symbol used for the protection of cattle. It is considered lucky when given a white egg as a gift, while a brown egg will bring you bad luck.

10. Buddha

The Buddha, specifically the Laughing Buddha, will bring good fortune and riches to all family members once placed inside the home. It is also a symbol of well-being and happiness. It may also help neutralize negative chi and relieve the tensions inside the home.

The Buddha is highly respected in Feng Sui and Buddhism, so it should not be placed anywhere else other than a place of honor in your homes.

The charms above are believed to be lucky by so many people for so many years. Now, it’s up to you to believe in such things or not.

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