Top 10 Travel Lifehacks That Everyone Should Know

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Travelling can be fun for a lot of people but there are times when traveling can be a painful experience especially for those who are just new to the hobby. Travelling can take a lot of pressure and preparation which means that most people would not want to travel. However, traveling can be fun for those who know how to prepare for it. Here are the top 10 travel life hacks that everyone should know.

1. Roll your clothes instead of stacking them up inside your luggage

This will allow you to fit more things inside your bag.

You can also provide more optimal space inside your bag by rolling your underwear and socks within the clothes themselves.

2. Scan your passport and email them to yourself

This will provide you a copy of all the important documents you need when traveling in case something happens.

You can also take pictures of your passport, visa, and other identification cards on your phone so that you can present them in case you lose them.

3. Mark your baggage as fragile

This will ensure that your baggage will always be handled with care.

When your baggage is marked as fragile, it will also be one of the many bags that are released in the airport first.

4. Take advantage of the internet service during your flight

You can even work while traveling to your destination instead of trying to spark up a conversation with your seat partner.

5. Relieve yourself 20 minutes before landing to avoid fighting over the restrooms when you land

This will be enough time for you to relieve yourself before the seatbelt light comes on.

6. When you are in your hotel, make sure that you only remove the things that you need for the day

It is so that you won’t have to pack everything else again by the end of your trip.

7. Have a souvenir list and stick to it

It will help you with your budget and prevent you from buying things you do not need.

8. Clean out lotion bottles and place your phone and keys as well as money in it for safekeeping.

9. If you ever need to ask for directions

try to find a pizza place or a restaurant that offers delivery instead of the directory or the gasoline station.

10. Use the local language

Live life by allowing yourself to embrace other cultures, colors,s and everything in between by traveling.

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