Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Career

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Career opportunities are always around if you are eager to look and take up to the challenge. Building your career also means building your future. Nothing would make you more proud than seeing your accomplishments and knowing that you worked hard to get to where you are. But like all things, it’s a step by step process. Here are 10 tips and tricks to improve and move your career to success.

1. Set goals

Always set goals, big or small. It could be a daily, weekly, or yearly goal. Find something to focus your inspiration to and work hard to get that. You can set goals to complete your tasks before the end of the week. You can set goals to make your reports exceptional.

It all starts with knowing what you want. When you do get your goals, find the time to celebrate your accomplishments.

2. Build your network

While you may think that building a network and ‘knowing’ people from the upper management is a back-scratching technique, it is actually the opposite.

Of course, provided that you don’t exactly become a back-scratcher, knowing who’s who within and outside your company is one way for you to know who to reach out to when you need help and when you want to learn more.

3. Always be curious

Be eager to learn new things. Learn something new every day. It may be small information or a new task to take up to, the important thing is that you do not stop growing intellectually.

Everything is going to be stored up there, and by the time comes when you will have to sell yourself for a promotion, you are one valuable employee they could not pass up.

4. Get constructive criticism

Don’t rely on your knowledge alone. It is good to get others’ views before you put something into action. Getting feedback and constructive criticism is one way for you to improve your work and to know what else is missing, what else you can add.

When you do, be open to criticism too. You will not be able to please everyone, so keep your head up, accept the feedback, and continue working on your success.

5. Be open to other possibilities

Some of us tend to focus on just one department, just one expertise, and then wait for our turn to move up within that department alone – which sometimes does not happen. When you want to move your career fast, you should always be open to other possibilities, other positions, even with other companies.

Moving to a new role may be a hard start, but it opens up to new possibilities for you and your career.

6. Take on new challenges

Be proactive and be ready to take on new challenges. Make it a habit to raise your hands, not only to ask questions but to say “I can do it”. Not only will this be exposure for yourself, but also a training ground to learn new things.

New tasks mean new knowledge. Be enthusiastic about taking on new challenges.

7. Know your worth

When you know your professional worth, you will know how to sell yourself and you will know if the compensation you are getting is rightful and just. It is no secret that we work for money because we work for a living.

Thus, when you equip yourself with intellect and when you know your value, you know what are you are capable of and what else you can do to move up.

8. Assess yourself

Make it a habit to assess yourself every once in a while. An example of this is setting your goals by the start of the year – will you go for a promotion? Will, you set up your own business or firm? Questions like these can make your goal.

By the end of the year, assess yourself and your work. What have you accomplished?

9. Talk to the Human Resources team

If you are eager to know your options for positions and career movement, talk to your Human Resources team.

They are the best team to assess your career plan and know where you can go.

10. Update and upgrade

Every chance you come across to update and upgrade your resume – such as going on seminars, taking certifications – grab the opportunity. Never stop investing in yourself and on your career.

Always ask yourself: what else can I do? When you are eager, your career will show the same amount of eagerness to grow.

There is no secret formula to success other than hard work, determination, and inspiration. This trifecta will push you to the top. Learning is a never-ending process. So put your learning to good use and start moving. When you work hard and work right, there is no way but up for your career.

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