Top 10 Ways to Move On After a Breakup

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Breakups are always sad, hurtful events in one’s life. But it is also important to make you realize that the pain never lasts and that it is always rewarded with more meaningful and loving relationships. For the heartbroken, here are some ways on how to move on and never look back.

1. Forgive yourself

Forgiving yourself is the first step. Don’t dwell on things that are bound to happen anyway. Sometimes, you think that you’re hurting right now because you ended the relationship.

Remember, that feeling like this is normal, and making mistakes is inevitable for humans. So, forgive yourself quickly.

2. Forget about regretting

Regretting that the relationship ended is never healthy. You would only blame yourself and think of the what-ifs and the what-could-have-beens, which is even unhealthier. Focus on the benefits and the advantages of having broken up.

At this time, it is also best to think more of the bad memories instead of the good, this will greatly help.

3. Go out with friends

Your friends will always be there for you no matter what, especially now that you are in a deep rut. Friends are always a balm to painful emotional wounds.

You can always talk about it with them and they will surely listen to all your rants. Friends are truly blessings in disguise, well, the real ones are.

4. Never hope

Hope is a killer. Never get your hopes up that your ex will come back because if you do, you will never move on in the process. There will be times that someone better will come along, but because you are still hoping for that person to come sweep you off your feet, you stay away from possible relationships that could have been the one.

So, never hope, because you might pass up on an opportunity to officially move on and love another.

5. Cry it out

Crying is oftentimes associated with weakness, especially with males. But in reality, crying it all out will make you feel better and make you even stronger.

Crying can release all negativity and pent up emotions that have been building inside since the breakup. Now, doesn’t it feel great to finally let it all out?

6. Keep yourself busy

Although some people may find this ineffective, others find that it does help to forget things when you busy yourself on some important matters other than the breakup. Diversion is one way to keep your mind off things.

It does not mean that you have to bury yourself at work, you could also go out and have fun with people you like and love. That way, you will not be alone in this sad and emotional phase in your life.

7. Comfort food

The loss of appetite is usually a side effect of a breakup. Instead of going on for days without food, you can eat your favorites that you have tried to avoid while you were in a relationship in the hopes of maintaining your figure. One of the best comfort food is chocolates.

They also help stimulate your happy hormones, to help you feel a little better. It’s okay to eat a little more at this time when losing weight is the least of your problems.

8. Train your mind

Telling yourself that it’s over can actually help wake you up from your present trance-like state. Conditioning yourself that the relationship between you two is finished will really help you accept the situation faster and with grace.

No more calling the ex in the middle of the night, now that is a desperate move. So, never do it, for the sake of dignity. Ending relationships is never easy, but you’ll survive.

9. Feel the pain

Convincing yourself that it’s okay would not make you feel any better at all. Trying to be invincible and unaffected would not help speed things up for you. It would only make it worse because you are denying the emotions that you should be feeling.

Expressing the pain and hurt of a breakup is actually a release of all the negativity and hidden emotions that will make you become a bitter person if it was kept all bottled up inside. So, it is always best to let it go.

10. Do not communicate with the ex

This is the most common mistake everyone makes. It can be in so many forms like calling, stalking, returning used stuff from the apartment, grabbing a coffee or simply trying to reconcile. Stop it before it gets worse.

Remember, that the reason you broke up with each other is that neither of you wants to be together anymore or that one of you doesn’t want to anymore. Breakups can be ugly, but it also leads to something beautiful in the end.

Some of these are not easy to do. But, if you try hard enough, you will find that it is indeed possible to move on and start anew.

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