Top 10 Reasons to Be Happy

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Why the long face? There are always plenty of reasons to smile and be happy. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should be.

1. Love

Aside from music, love makes the world go round, too. This emotion is the source of everything that is beautiful in the world. Family, children, friendships, work are all intertwined with love. Without love, there will always be hate and anger, and that’s not something to appreciate in a world that was also created out of love.

So, be grateful for having someone to love, for people who love you, and for feeling loved. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

2. You have a job

No matter how awful your job may be, be grateful. Not many are blessed with the opportunity to work and make a living. Having a job is one reason why you should be happy because you are making yourself useful and in turn, contribute to society.

Also, you have the chance to buy your wants, pay your bills, and live a comfortable life.

3. Having a family

“No man is an island”, one way or another you are going to need people who are going to love and care for you. Life without family or friends to love you is a sad life.

So, be grateful for the people that surround you with so much love and concern. They are the treasures of a life well-lived.

4. Your own house

Not many are blessed with having their own place. A lot of homeless people suffer the cold, rain, and snow. So, having a place to stay, a warm bed to sleep on, a thick blanket to keep the cold out are truly blessings, especially on a cold night.

It does not matter if you’re renting or you have your own place, the most important thing is that you have a home to come home to.

5. You have talent

Some people would say that they are incapable of doing anything relating to art, skill, or craft. But, there is always something someone can do better than others. It may not be through singing and dancing, but by doing something unique. It could also be something as mundane as gardening.

Not everyone is gifted with a green thumb. You may not know it yet, but you’ll soon find out your very own talent.

6. You are growing old

You age a little every day for some uncontrollable environmental factors that affect you every day. It means that you are well and alive and you have health as a friend.

Not too many people reach a ripe old age, so be thankful for every minute that you are under the sun, that you are stuck in traffic, that you don’t have a life partner because you are alive and experiencing all of it.

7. You are healthy

Almost everyone is familiar with the famous adage “Health is Wealth”. Being physically and mentally healthy is truly a blessing. A lot of people, especially those living unhealthy lifestyles, are suffering from obesity, cancers, and different kinds of diseases.

So, be grateful for being blessed with a healthy body and mind that functions normally.

8. Having a relationship

If you are married or in other forms of relationship, be happy and grateful. Many men and women are leading lonely lives, without having a partner to share their lives with. Although, some are happy with staying single, having a romantic relationship with someone is entirely different from those who really want it.

So, if you are presently in a relationship, enjoy and savor every moment you spend with each other because you’ll never know the future. Just remember that it is always better to have loved and lost than have never loved at all.

9. Having safe and clean drinking water

Water is one of the basic needs. Without it, surviving in this world would not be possible. Having safe, clear, and clean drinking water is really something to be thankful for. A lot of nations have been suffering for decades, even centuries, for the lack of it or for having unsafe water.

It is also important that people are aware that water should not be wasted, for some people, somewhere around the globe are slowly dying because they don’t have enough.

10. Music

The silence would be deafening in a world without music. Be grateful for rock, metal, punk, alternative, jazz, pop, R&B, hip hop, electronic music, and a lot more. They save the world from boredom and monotony.

Some artists, who have music as inspiration, would not have been recognized for their genius without it. These genres just make the world go round. Music, indeed, brings color to the world.

You may not have all of these in your life right now, but be thankful for having one or two out of the list. It’s still something to be grateful and be happy about.

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