Top 10 Reasons Why the Nursing Profession is for You

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The nursing profession is one of the most rewarding careers. The ability to take care of sick people, while being compassionate and on your feet for more than 12 hours a day, is no easy feat. But despite the long hours and toxic shifts, it would still be a privilege to be part of this profession. Find out the reasons why below.

1. The demand for nurses

Nurses are in great demand in almost all parts of the world because of a shortage of people getting into this profession. Not many can withstand the pressures of the job and only a few have the skills to become a nurse.

That is why other countries look for qualified foreign nurses to be part of their community and lure them with great benefits.

2. One of the highest-paid professions

When it comes to compensation, nurses are not far behind the list. They usually earn around $50,000 to $ 70,000 dollars depending on the expertise of the nurse.

This amount can give them a comfortable life and has the capacity to make a family of their own, buy a house, or get a new car. Nurses have financial freedom.

3. Make a difference in the lives of others

A compassionate nurse is always admired by patients, whether naughty or nice, they always appreciate nurses who show their care and concern no matter how grumpy they are.

Now, for nurses, that is hard to do, but they do it anyway because they love their patients and their job. In the end, being a nurse is a gratifying and fulfilling job.

4. Nurses are versatile

A nurse can work in different institutions and establishments.

She can work in a school, with government agencies, hospitals, hospice care, and many other kinds of jobs. A nurse has the intellect and skill to work anywhere.

5. Nurses are highly valued

Wherever you go, nurses are looked up to because of their knowledge and skills. You have the capacity to help those who are ill regardless of the setting. You can still function as a nurse even without equipment and other facilities.

Your knowledge and skills will come in handy in emergency situations, where immediate attention is needed.

6. Nurses are flexible

They can work several shifts a day just to make up for the shortage of nursing staff in hospitals. Some nurses even have other jobs, like working as a private nurse and more.

It just shows that nurses are flexible with time and setting and situations.

7. Opportunity for career advancement

Nurses can pursue higher education to take on bigger roles in the medical field. You can choose to become a nurse specialist in pediatrics, anesthesiology, and other fields. Career advancements in nursing are boundless, you can even proceed to medical school if you really want to.

As a nurse, you can choose which fields suit you best based on your knowledge and skill.

8. Care for family and friends

As a nurse, your family will look up to you for medical advice and tips on how to take care of their health. Wouldn’t it be nice to promote health and well-being to them? Also, it is a fulfillment to see that they are alive and well because of your advice and help. It is also a great thing that you are a nurse in the family, especially when you have kids, to be of help when emergency situations arise in the home.

Nobody would be more capable than you, who has had experience and has medical knowledge.

9. Be part of a medical team

Nursing is such a prestigious career as you get the chance to work alongside famous doctors, capable nurses, and other medical staff.

Getting to work with some of the best is very rewarding and makes you hone your skills and knowledge, too.

10. Respectable

Nurses are considered to be the “most respected profession”, according to polls. So, being a nurse is not something to be ashamed of it. It is a career to be proud of. Not everyone can be a nurse, only a few have the endurance, the skill, the compassion, and the willingness to learn to be one.

Not everyone can take the long hours, standing and running around to tend to sick patients. Not everyone has the heart to become a nurse. So, respect nurses if you aren’t one.

If you are currently trying to figure out what career path you are going to pursue, think of something that will give you satisfaction and fulfillment as a human being. Think of a career that will make you happy and in turn, make other people happy too. Choose a career that will make you love and cares and does not only do it for monetary gain.

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