Top 10 Helpful Tips When Shopping Online

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When online shopping was introduced to the masses, it has taken the world by storm. Consumers were given the ability to purchase items without having to leave their homes. People took it enthusiastically. Anyone with internet access can do their shopping within the comfort of their home.

The only drawback is that with online shopping, unlike real shopping, you do not get to see the actual item right away. In most cases, you will have to wait for a few days before you get it. Make sure you get the most of your online shopping spree all the time. Here are the top 10 helpful tips when shopping online.

1. Shop only in popular and secure sites

Safety first, always. When you shop online or if you are looking for a particular item to buy, go to trusted and secure online shopping websites only.

These are easy to identify by asking around and looking at customer reviews on the website. Look for the “lock” icon on your browser that should indicate the website is on a secure server.

2. Compare prices

Avoid rush purchases and impulsive buying. Sometimes, what seems like a good bargain on one website can be cheaper on another website.

All it takes is to click and browse on another website to compare the prices, warranty, and contracts of the items you are purchasing. Always choose the ones you will most benefit from and save money on.

3. Make use of discount vouchers

Online shopping sites are generous when it comes to vouchers and gift cards. They have one for all occasions and often offer loyalty rewards to frequent buyers.

Make use of these vouchers to their full extent. For instance, if you have a 25 percent discount, the higher cost you will buy, the bigger the discount will be.

4. Flash sale may not always be a “sale”

Here is something to remember and check always when doing online purchases. Online shopping websites are good at advertising and flashing their on-sale items.

There are times when the sale price seems too hard to pass up. This is where your price comparison comes in handy because not all “flash sale” is a sale and sometimes they are just good adverts.

5. Create strong passwords for your accounts

Keep your account for online shopping sites secure by creating strong passwords.

Just like how you secure your online banking details, your online shopping account may also contain some of your details that should remain secure.

6. Double-check the total amount before confirming

There are times when you will get too carried away by adding to cart, and then too excited to make the purchase that you confirm it without reviewing the bill.

The result is that when the final bill comes, you get shocked to see a ballooned bill because you added a few items that are not necessary. Review your shopping list before checking out to avoid surprises like this.

7. Check for shipping or other hidden fees

Some websites offer free shipping fees but only on selected items. Some consumers fail to check if the item they purchase requires a shipping fee or not, and end up paying more than what is originally tagged on the item price.

Before confirming your purchase, check for shipping fees or any hidden fees that can add to the actual price and see if these are necessary changes.

8. Protect your details

Keep yourself, your payment, and banking details secure all the time. Learn to check a website’s security and return policies. Be suspicious if a website is asking too much private information before you can make a purchase. For instance, no online shopping site would need your social security number.

Also, be extra vigilant when making purchases using your credit card to avoid fraud cases.

9. Look at product reviews of other consumers

The best way to know if a product or website is good is to ask other people who have done transactions with the site before.

In this case, you can look at consumer reviews and feedback to see if the website is trustworthy or not.

10. Think before adding to the cart

The final tip for online shopping – if there is “think before you speak”, there’s also “think before adding to cart”. With online shopping making it easy for consumers to buy what they want with just a few mouse clicks, impulsive buying is a rampant disease for shoppers. Be wise when making purchases.

Buy only the ones that you really need at the moment. You can save the other items next time.

Although some will still choose to go to the mall and shop, most will agree that online shopping is convenient and easy. To make your shopping more convenient and hassle-free, run this checklist before going online. Happy shopping!

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