Top 10 Secret Siri Commands

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When Apple launched the next generation iPhone people expected something new and innovative. Even though there were no changes in the design, Apple made a clever move by introducing a new feature in the smart device. Siri is a voice command feature that does everything for you but you need to talk to it. Well, it responses to everything and does everything for you in a more accurate manner,

Maybe you are the master with the use of basic Siri commands, but there are certainly a few things you will not be aware of. There are top 10 replies from Siri which will certainly help you improve punctuation and building up relationships. Here are some of the secret Siri commands for all the iPhone lovers.

1. Punctuation/symbols/emoticons

Siri is able to understand the basic symbols, punctuation marks, and emoticons.

But it is important to say it in the right way.

2. Playlist

If you are expecting Siri to play a song for you, then it does much more than this.

It will play for you the whole playlist on your smart device.

3. Find Emails by Contact

Siri is clever enough to give you the list of the mails shorting it out by the contacts you ask for.

This is truly amazing!

4. Calendar

If you are not able to keep a track of the day, month, and time. No worries.

As long as you have Siri, it will show all the appointments for the same day and any time provided you ask nicely.

5. Search Engines

If you are not able to find anything on Google or any search engine. Do not worry. You can save your time by letting Siri do the work for you.

It will search the same thing is no time and more accurately.

6. Additional Information from Search Engines

If you are a great fan of cricket or you want to keep track of the weather, then Siri will do it all for you.

You just need to put the right phrase and it will show the scores, temperature, weather reports without any error.

7. Movie Details 

If you feed the right movie name, Siri can tell you the name of the actor and the plot description within a matter of no time.

So you don’t need to remember anything and keep forgetting. Sit and enjoy it when Siri does it for you.

8. Delete alarms

Siri can delete all the alarms for you.

It deletes the individual ones if you do not want to be disturbed again and again by the tone of the alarm.

9. Message

If you have set it up with Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking site, then Siri will update the status in the form of a message.

You need not waste time logging into account several times.

10. Restart

If you are having trouble with the booting of your system. Leave your worries aside. Siri will re-bounce the springboard.

It will reboot the device. Although it is not a complete reboot, it is quite faster.

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