Top 10 Reasons Why the Internet is a Good Thing

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The internet is one of the most legendary advancement of technology and it continues to evolve with incessant possibilities. With its endless capabilities and capacity, one can honestly say that you can find anything on the internet. Although some find this as a dangerous thing, most people actually consider this special power a good thing. The internet is beneficial to us in many ways and here are the top 10 reasons why it is a good thing.

1. Online shopping

There are people who love to go out and shop, and the other half are those who prefer to stay within the comforts of their home while still being able to buy their basic necessities and even their wants.

Thanks to the introduction of online shopping, buyers and sellers are able to do business inside their homes, with a small screen for their window shopping. This is convenience at its finest.

2. Educating yourself

Learning is a never-ending process. Sometimes, with our busy schedules with work and personal lives, our knowledge becomes stagnant especially if we have limited exposure to educational references. Let’s be honest, bringing a book everywhere you go can be a little inconvenient sometimes.

With a tablet and internet access, you can be educated anywhere. You can download educational apps and educate yourself anytime, anywhere.

3. Being updated with current events

Current events can be hard to track, especially if you barely have time to have a glimpse at the television or even read the newspaper. If you have internet access, you can check current news and events anywhere and you can do multitasking.

The internet also prides itself on being updated with the latest events – news that sometimes may take a few hours to reach the television or the newspapers.

4. Doing self-research

Research and studies are only a few of the positive benefits that you can get from the internet. For students and even for working adults, you can search through the internet as a reference for any assignment or task that you may have.

Video tutorials, work instructions, and educational tools that can help you get your job done in the fastest way possible.

5. Communicating with family and friends

Gone are the days of snail mail and having to wait for days and months to receive mail and communicate with your friend and loved ones who live far away. With access to the internet, you can converse with your family and friends in real-time, through video calls that will make you feel like they are just beside you.

Moving far away from home to seek greener pastures and keeping in touch with your loved ones is not so hard anymore.

6. Transferring files

Remember the days when you used to transfer files through diskettes, and then mail them to somewhere around the planet? Remember how long that used to take, and by the time it reaches the receiver, the files may already be outdated? Remember how inconvenient that was? We all did.

This is why continuous improvement on file sharing over the internet is being done, and today we are able to share large files even to our contacts from the other part of the world.

7. Helping you with work

Learning a few things about programming, doing analyses, and reporting is made easy with a few clicks of your mouse and a wide search engine. These simple things can help you manage and arrange your work. It can even help you excel in what you do.

With internet access, you have a huge library of references on how to create your reports and analysis in a way that can definitely impress your boss.

8. Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the best benefits of using the internet. Websites such as Youtube, Pinterest, Netflix, and other media sharing sites and apps can leave you browsing and browsing for hours while also learning new things.

You can watch movies, read books, and catch up on your favorite TV series using the internet.

9. Social networking

Social networking is one way to build a stronger network and public relations.

Although they say that social media has replaced actual conversations, when used the right way, social media is one way to track down long lost family members, create new friends, and be exposed to society.

10. Business networking

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is how it enhanced the success of entrepreneurship worldwide. For instance, businesses are able to advertise their products all over the world; they are able to ship their products worldwide through online purchase and they can build a bigger network through making partners from other countries.

This has not only brought success to businessmen but also brought jobs to many people.

The reality is that endless information is basically at the tip of your fingertips as you browse inside the web. It is how you use this power that determines whether using the internet is a good thing or otherwise. Of course, the internet gives us plenty of advantages that using it often and using it the right way can benefit our lives greatly.

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