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Crafts are always a joy to make. With the right materials, everything will become effortless and fun. What makes it more fun is the materials that are used in making them. So, here are the top ten supplies you need for your craft creations.

1. Glue gun

The glue gun has a continuous heating system that can melt the plastic glue. The hot glue then comes out of the gun through the mechanical trigger mechanism. This can put almost anything together from Styrofoams to cardboard boxes and can even act as gap fillers.

Users should be quick in using a glue gun because the melted glue will harden fast and they should also beware of the hot gun and glue as it can cause burns and blisters on the skin.

2. Rotary cutter

This is an important tool for quilters out there, which can come in handy for cutting. It has a handle with a rotating circular blade. The blades are very sharp and can be resharpened if it gets dull. Using a rotary cutter can save you time and effort since it can cut through multiple fabrics as long as do so with a fresh blade.

This is a much easier way to cut instead of using scissors, especially if you are cutting fabrics with the same shapes and sizes.

3. Scissors

A good pair of metal shears is really a good investment in craft-making and finding one can be a feat. A good pair should cut through smoothly and cleanly like cutting through butter. The grip should be great like it was made for you and only you. Another thing to look for in a scissor is its non-stick coating.

This will allow you to cut through tape without the blades becoming sticky after. It allows you to cut through tape again and again.

4. Utility knife

A utility knife is a small knife that consists of a short and sharp blade that is mounted on a pen-like body usually made of aluminum.

This is ideally used for craft-making like paper cutting, hand carving intricate details, cake decorating, etching on glass, woodblock printing, Quilling and so many more craft projects.

5. Spray paint, assorted paints, and brushes

It is always great to have paint available on hand for spontaneous art projects. A can or small containers of your favorite shade will do. Acrylic paints, which are water-based, are great for poster signs, stamping, wood crafts, Styrofoam art, and a lot more.

There are different kinds of paints, which can be used in different art projects. Just make sure they are used according to their purpose, otherwise, the craft project will be ruined.

6. Pens and pencils

Pens are used every day, but they are more to that than just using them for writing. First, they are a lot of pen varieties, for example, gel pens, permanent markers, and ballpoint pens. These can be used in putting more detail on your craft projects.

Others have made brilliant artwork with the use of the simplest pens only, what more can you do with a bunch of craft pens at your disposal?

7. Paper

A steady supply of different kinds of paper would be very useful when it comes to craft making. There are different kinds to choose from, which one can make use of depending on the project. There are tissue papers, copy papers, decoupage, scrapbook, origami, mulberry, kraft, construction paper, and a lot more.

They can be used in scrapbooking, origami, papier mache, kid art. Paper have so much potential, just be creative.

8. Thread, wire, twine, or cord

With the availability of cords, threads,s, and wires, the things that can be done are endless. These materials are used mainly for tying but they can also be used for creating beautiful jewelry.

Beading can be a hobby for you and while you enjoy yourself making them, you are also creating wonderful pieces that show your artistic side.

9. Needle nose pliers

Needle nose pliers are used by artisans, jewelry makers, electricians to cut, hold, bend or reposition a wire. Its sharp tip can access unreachable and small areas.

They can also grip well minute materials that can’t be held by hand.

10. Storage bins

Storage bins are ideal for the craft maker, especially if the materials are being stocked and replenished all the time. They are also used to make the craft area look clean and neat, which makes creating art a bit more inspiring.

To make the materials easy to find, storage bins can be labeled according to what is inside. That way, materials can become easily accessible.

Invest in good materials, they will save you a lot of expense in the future. Buying a good pair of scissors, for example, is a good investment. Otherwise, you will find yourself always in the hardware store looking for another pair. So be wise and choose your tools well.

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