Top 10 Food Trucks in America

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Food trucks serve hot, unique, flavorful meals every day. They are either parked in a corner somewhere to cater to the people around the area and change location the very next day. More and more people are getting fond of this style of food preparation and it’s budget-friendly too. Food trucks are like fast foods too, but only better, because they serve you with fresh ingredients that are good for you. Here are the top ten list of the best food trucks in America that has been on everyone’s lips since they started.

1. Ms. Cheezious Fresh Made Grilled Cheese

The Ms. Cheezious Fresh Made Grilled Cheese food truck is based in Miami. It has 17 different styles for the American classic grilled cheese sandwich and a make-your-own version too. They have eight types of cheese for customers to choose from, along with five varieties of bread and six fixings to pair up the meal.

Ms. Cheeszious is also popular for their cheese dessert made from ricotta cheese and orange marmalade topped on Texan toast and served with some chocolate dipping sauce.

2. Two For The Road

Two for The Road specializes in American comfort food. Be assured that the burgers and hotdogs will always be part of the menu despite the weekly change. The owners, Roberto and Lisa, serve fresh ingredients that are not frozen and hormone-free.

They also have New England lobster rolls on the menu and a lot more. So, be prepared for gastronomical surprises every week.

3. Cousins Maine Lobster

The Cousins Maine Lobster food truck serves the best Classic Maine-Connecticut style lobster rolls. They also have lobster tacos, crab rolls, shrimp rolls, lobster tots, and deep-fried Maine lobster on a stick.

The food has been proven by a lot of Maine residents to be superb.

4. The Cinnamon Snail

The Cinnamon Snail is a vegan food truck, which has a lot of good food to offer like fig pancakes with pine nut butter, chamomile blood orange syrup, and roasted almonds or lemongrass five-spice seitan with some curried cashews, arugula, Sichuan chile, and wasabi mayo topped on a grilled baguette.

Their dishes are all very palatable for both vegans and meat lovers.

5. Rickshaw Stop

The Rickshaw Stop specializes in out-of-this-world kebabs. It is owned and operated by Sameer and Meagan Siddiqui, together with their mother Getty, aunt Bina, and uncle Shabbir. The beef and chicken they use for the kebabs are marinated in a secret mix for 48 hours to let all the flavors into the meat.

This ensures that the kebabs are flavorful and delicious. The kebabs are then served in flaky parathas, taco-style.

6. Oink and Moo

The Oink and Moo food truck have their own take on pork and beef barbecue. They do have a restaurant located in Florham Park and in Philly, too.

This food truck started out in 2012 in New Jersey and later on expanded to Philadelphia, where they won a Vendy Award for Rookie of the Year.

7. The Grilled Cheeserie

The Grilled Cheeserie is run by Crystal, a Le cordon-Bleu chef, together with her husband Joseph. They have a mouth-watering menu consisting of their specialty melts, such as the grilled pimiento Mac and cheese and the Buffalo chicken melt.

They also have the popular “Melt of the Moment” dish, which depends on the available seasonal ingredients.

8. Wok n Roll Food Truck

The Wok n Roll Food truck specializes in fusion-inspired dishes. They have Korean poutine made from tater tots and topped with Monterey Jack, kimchi, and black sesame seeds. They also have regular non-fusion dishes such as the okonomiyaki, bibimbap, and crab rangoon.

This food truck offers food bursting flavors and a mouthwatering menu that’s hard not to love.

9. Emerson Fry Bread

The Emerson Fry Bread offers native American cuisine, with a Mexican twist. They have a green chile chicken Indian taco, served on a fry bread rather than the usual tortilla. They also have a carne-asada dish and a crowd-pleaser, the prickly-pear drink.

The menu is very creative and their colorful food truck is a testament to that.

10. Kogi BBQ

The Kogi BBQ specializes in Korean-inspired Mexican food, created by chef Roy Choi. Their short-rib tacos that are bursting with flavor, are to-die-for.

Make sure you drop by this food truck when you get to Los Angeles and when you do, you will never look at street food the same way ever again.

American street food has never been this exciting, flavorful, and unique. Created by foodies all around the country, the food is both flavorful and mouth-watering. Food trucks are here to stay because they do not compromise flavor with the tag price, so you are assured that what you eat is just as good as anything served in restaurants too.

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