Top 10 Common Ice Cream Flavours to Try

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Ice cream is one of those delights that both the young and the old never get tired of licking every summer! There are tons of ice cream flavors out there each with varying tastes and ingredients. So let’s check out the top 10 common ice cream flavors you can try.

1. Vanilla – 29% Vote

Believe it or not, Vanilla is still the number one most loved flavor of millions of people around the globe. In fact, vanilla is considered to be the “plain” flavor or the base flavor of any ice cream!

What makes vanilla a good tasting flavor is its vanillin extracts, simply yummy and mouth-watering.

2. Chocolate – 8.9% Vote

Known to be the next common flavor in ice cream, the chocolate flavor has been on the market way back a hundred years ago! How do you create chocolate ice cream?

Simply blend in the following ingredients; Cocoa powder, eggs, cream, sugar, and also vanilla then you’re on your way to your first homemade chocolate ice cream!

3. Butter Pecan – 5.3% Vote

Aside from widely used as a cake and cookie flavoring, Butter Pecan is widely loved when it comes to ice cream too!

You will know if it’s a butter pecan for you will taste a vanilla flavor with a little bit of a buttery taste and with an added pecans!

4. Strawberry – 5.3% Vote

The main ingredients of a strawberry ice cream are as follows; vanilla, eggs, cream, and of course strawberry flavoring or even fresh strawberries.

This flavor is quite popular that was in fact first served in the year 1813 to James Madison.

5. Chocolate Chip – 3.9 % Vote

I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous ice cream with tons of chocolate chip chunks, and this is actually called chocolate chip ice cream!

This flavor was first known in the year 1984. Who wouldn’t want to have a taste of ice cream and chocolate chips in one?

6. Cookies and Cream – 3.6% Vote

Almost all cookies and cream-flavored desserts are a hit! This flavor is quite loved in ice cream and milkshakes! This is really loved by millions because it comes with tasty ingredients such as chocolate wafer cookies or you can substitute it with any type of ingredient that is similar to chocolate wafers.

Known as the King Kong of ice cream for it went straight to the top list of the most favorite ice creams in the world.

7. Cherry – 1.6% Vote

Cherry flavored ice cream is another frozen dessert that is loved by many because of its sweetness. Same old ingredients are used like milk and cream and cherry flavored ingredients.

Sometimes, coloring is used to make it similar to that of a cherry color.

8. Coffee – 1.6% Vote

Another famous and highly demanded ice cream flavor is coffee ice cream.

Adults who loved drinking coffee are usually the people who love having coffee ice cream.

9. Rocky Road – 1.5% Vote

This flavor uses chocolate as its base flavor and comes with a lot of yummy ingredients such as nuts, marshmallows, and cube chocolates.

This flavor is simply fun to taste, it gives you so much to chew and lick, a lot of things going on within your buccal cavity! Really yummy and mouth-watering.

10. Chocolate Marshmallow – 1.3% Vote

Another frozen delight treat is chocolate marshmallow ice cream. Its base flavor is chocolate that comes with sprinkled marshmallows.

Yummy, melty and sweet. Simply irresistible. No wonder it falls on the list!

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