Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Water

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Water is a basic need for all human beings, even animals and plants need it. Sometimes, we drink it when we simply feel thirsty. But, did you know that drinking this liquid has a lot of healthy benefits for the body and not just to quench our thirst? Find out the top 10 benefits of drinking water below.

1. Helps you lose weight

Water can help you lose unwanted weight. The tendency when you drink before a meal is that you would feel fuller. This will help you not to eat more than what is necessary and eat much less instead.

This strategy will help you lose weight faster and healthier than crash diets, which can harm the body and lead to more serious eating disorders in the end.

2. Cools your body

Water helps cool down the body, especially when you’re working out on a hot day. The body tends to sweat more in hot conditions, leaving it dehydrated. So, you need water in order to replace the lost fluids and cool down your body as well. This will also result in a better and effective workout in the end.

Water can also prevent you from feeling sluggish during workouts and keep you from having shortness of breath.

3. Improves digestion

Water can help dissolve fats and soluble fiber. By drinking more of it, you also help move the digestion process along and prevent constipation. It can also lower the burden that falls on your kidneys and liver during digestion.

When you don’t drink enough water, the colon will get its water from the stool, causing them to harden and lead to constipation.

4. Reduces the risk for cancer

Some certain types of cancer, like breast and colon cancer, can be prevented by drinking water. It helps flush out toxins from your kidneys.

As you urinate more, the bladder carcinogens will be prevented from staying in the bladder and cause harm to your body.

5. Can naturally prevent headaches

Studies have shown that those who were constantly suffering from headaches got relief just by drinking water. Within 30 minutes, the pain was gone.

Sometimes, dehydration can also trigger some really bad headaches. So, it is best that you stay hydrated at all times to prevent such maladies.

6. Cleanse the body

Water helps to purify, detox, and cleanse the body of unwanted wastes, toxins, and even bacteria through sweat and urination. It also aids the kidneys to function properly and regulate normal blood pressure.

It is also important in balancing body fluids make all of the body systems in working condition.

7. Protects joints and cartilages

Water can also serve as a lubrication for the joints and cartilages of the body. It keeps the cartilages supple and hydrated, as cartilage is made of 85% water, so it can do its function. Not only that, but water also protects the spine and other soft tissues.

So, it is best to keep those joints and cartilages healthy so that the movement would not be a problem even at an old age.

8. Helps relieve nasty hangovers

Dehydration is one major side effect of getting drunk all night. Drinking water with every cocktail sip you make can help prevent hangovers. This will help you urinate more and in the process eliminate the alcohol in the body.

Goodbye to nasty hangovers. Never again, will you suffer the consequences of your actions last night.

9. Hydrates the body

There is also a variety of food that is rich in water like cucumbers, watermelons, and apples. If you find it hard to drink 8-10 glasses a day, it is best you get your water from other sources such as fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables not only contain water but also minerals, salts, and sugars as well. So, it is a much tastier alternative to water.

10. Energizes the body

Water will help you stay energized all day. Keep a bottle of water handy so you can have a few gulps every once in a while to stay alert. Water makes you feel refreshed, hydrated, and focused, especially if you need to concentrate on a task at hand.

When you feel sluggish and a little zoned out, water will be able to re-hydrate you and prevent you from feeling sleepy.

Water is essential in every way. We can’t cook without it, we can’t even do the laundry without it. Water has made it known that we can’t live without its existence. So, don’t take for granted the overflowing water that you have in your community and in your homes, as other nations are suffering from its absence. There is nothing more satisfying than a glass of ice-cold water to quench the thirst.

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