Top 10 Things to Prepare Before a Job Search

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As many would probably tell you – looking for a job is no easy task. The job qualifications can be too high-standard and the competition can be brutal. This is especially true for fresh graduates and for those who are just about to enter the world of regular tax-payers. There seem to be a million things to prepare before a job hunt and even then, you might still come up short during the interview.

Don’t let that flatten your eagerness to look for a job. We’ve narrowed down the list of important things you need to prepare before a job search to make it easier for you. Here are the top 10 things to prepare before a job search.

1. List of potential employers

The first thing on the list is another type of list. Before going out to look for a job, you must first shortlist your potential employers.

Job postings can be a jumbled variety of professional fields and you should list down what you are qualified with. This will help you narrow down the list of items you need to prepare too.

2. Information about the company

After listing down your potential employers, you will need to do a quick research about these companies and know what they do, their products and services, the job you are applying for and any feedback about them.

This does not only give you a preview of what you are getting into but it can help a lot during interviews. Sometimes, basic knowledge about the company pops up in the interview questions.

3. Your resume

Your resume should contain a list of all your qualifications, skills, and more so like a humble brag of yourself and why the company will be better if they hire you. Your resume is like an ad and this is where you can sell yourself.

The more skills and qualifications, the better chances you have to impress your future employer. Of course, you should only include information that is true and honest.

4. Your application letter

Otherwise known as the letter of intent, your application letter is like a formal declaration that you are applying for a post in their company.

This is where you express your interest to join the company and why you think you can be an asset to them.

5. Certifications and qualifications

Your certifications and qualifications are plus points for your application.

Gather all your certifications and up-skills and be ready to talk about them during the interview, especially for a job that is looking for these specific skills.

6. References and networks

Oftentimes, your list of references already speaks about you and your potential. References and networks show your possible employer just how good your social skills are and networking with other people.

This will give them an idea if you have the capacity to work with other people especially with making contacts.

7. Negotiations for salary and benefits

Truth is that we all work for the money because, hey, we need it. So when you prepare to look for a job, you should know how to negotiate for your salary and the benefits that you will have.

This is easy if you know your professional value – your educational attainment, your skills, and the job offer. Always look at the breakdown of the salary and benefits offered to you.

8. Your interview answers

One of the most important things to prepare before going out for a job hunt is your answers to the interview. Most job applications, if not all, will have an interview because this is where your potential employer will get the chance to know you better and at the same time, give you the chance to elaborate on your resume.

Take all the items on this list and practice how to elaborate on them when you sell yourself during your interview.

9. Your outfit

This is not your ordinary day out. You would want to impress your future boss and you would want them to see a professional and confident applicant.

Yes, your chosen outfit plays a big role when you go out for a job hunt.

10. Your confidence

The number one most important thing to prepare before you look for a job is your confidence. All of these items on the list will go to waste if you lack the confidence to brag about them.

When you look for a job, you are competing with hundreds of others who most likely have the same qualifications as you. How you present yourself is what makes the difference.

Truth be told, not everyone gets to land their dream job spot on and not everyone gets to be hired on their first try. But as the ancient African Proverb says: “For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Preparation is your first step to your future. So make sure when you prepare, you go all out.

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