Top 10 Signs You Need to Leave a Relationship

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Having a partner to share your life with is the best thing in the world. But, sometimes relationships can go awry and you find yourself unhappy and re-evaluating the relationship. To leave is always the best solution, but don’t be too hasty. Here are some factors you need to consider before going out the door.

1. An egoistic partner

Egoistic partners are often insecure. They usually don’t want to be criticized. Egoistic partners always like to have the last say, they do not want anyone trampling on their opinions and beliefs.

They always want to believe that they are right, even though they’re not. So, if you feel that you are not happy with this kind of person, pack up your bags and leave.

2. Disrespect

Respecting the individuality of each other is important in a relationship. You should understand that each of you has your own ideals and beliefs. Nobody deserves to be put down, make a fool of and make fun of because of different perspectives.

Disrespect can be in many forms, so if you are in a relationship where there is a lack of or total absence of respect, then it is best to reevaluate your relationship.

3. Financial abuse

If you find yourself being used by your partner for financial gain, then better rethink the relationship. Financial abuse can be in different forms. It can occur when your partner overspends and puts you in debt. It can also be that they refuse to work and make you the sole breadwinner in the household.

Another situation would be that your partners love to gamble and they’re gambling all your hard-earned money and also puts you in debt. These are unhealthy relationships that you have to think deeply about.

4. Infidelity

Cheating is never acceptable in relationships. Although, they are also some relationships that suck it up and try their best to forgive and forget and start anew.

But if your partner keeps on repeating the same mistake over and over again and has no regard for what you may feel, then you are better off without them.

5. Over-controlling behavior

A partner who tells you what to do, where to eat, what to wear, chooses your friends and makes decisions for you, is annoying. It is not healthy to be dependent of a person in almost everything, including how to properly floss your teeth.

These kinds of partners should take a look at themselves first before they go into a relationship because the relationships they get into almost always never last.

6. Fear of commitment

Being in a relationship with a person who fears commitment is never going to work, you would only get your heart broken in the end. These kinds of people fear getting too close and revealing too much of themselves.

Whenever they feel they are getting intimate, they usually shy away and flee the picture. The relationship never lasts, unless they are really willing to try.

7. Growing apart

Relationships also get the winter doldrums and when they do, partners usually drift apart in the process. People constantly change and partners are not immune to those changes. As you grow together in a relationship, your needs and wants also vary and differ from each other.

In the end, both of you don’t meet at the center anymore. If you are not happy with this situation, you can always say goodbye.

8. Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is not something to tolerate. Words actually hurt more than physical abuse because it cuts down to the core of your being. If you are always judged, criticized, blamed, and the object of sarcasm and threats, it’s time to ask for help.

If the partner is willing to undergo therapy, then there’s a chance they might change. But, if they are unwilling to try, it’s time to leave an abusive relationship such as this.

9. Child abuse

If you have children of your own and you find that your kids are being sexually, physically and verbally abused, then it is time to change course. You should find a safe and happy environment for your children in order for them to move on from the scars, physical or emotional, that they have suffered.

Children also want a nurturing and loving environment for them to grow as normal as possible.

10. Physical abuse

A partner that abuses you physically is dangerous and ending the relationship would be the wisest thing to do. Staying in an abusive relationship would always make you fear for your life. It is unhealthy to feel unsafe all the time.

When you do leave, it is best not to stay in touch with them as this may be dangerous as well. It is better to stay away and start a new life for yourself.

Leaving is always hard, especially if you have loved the person deeply. But, leaving also gives you a chance to love yourself more this time, and won’t settle for anything less the next time you love again.

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