Top 10 Benefits of Moroccan Oil

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Moroccan oil is the same as Argan oil, the only difference is that the former is not a pure form of Argan oil. A lot of other ingredients are often added to the Argan oil, like Aloe Vera and other forms of silicones, which makes it Moroccan oil. But despite it being a lesser form of Argan oil, you can still enjoy its many benefits. Here are the top 10 you should not miss.

1. It cures acne and prevents it from coming back

Moroccan oil is rich in antioxidants that keep off free radicals that can harm the skin. It also has Vitamin E which effectively nourishes your skin, keeping it healthy and away from any breakouts.

The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help alleviate the presence of acne. Lastly, Moroccan oil can help erase acne scars with continued use.

2. Can heal stretch marks

The problem with skin is that once it is stretched out to its maximum, it tends to tear and that is what you can now see as stretch marks.

Moroccan oil can remedy that by healing the tissue scars. Just massage some oil on the affected area regularly to see a difference.

3. For a youthful, glowing skin

Moroccan oil is rich in antioxidants and has restorative properties that all want on your skincare product. It is also abundant in essential fatty acids that are good for the skin to keep it plumper, younger and hydrated.

Apply it as a moisturizer every night at bedtime and wake up to smooth, soft and glowing skin.

4. Keep nails healthy

Your nails are also an indicator of how healthy you are and how well you take care of yourself. Nails that are lustrous and strong are very nice to look at and Moroccan oil can help you maintain that healthy shine.

By regularly massaging the oil on your nails, it will help strengthen the nails, and nail beds to promote healthy growth.

5. Can be used as a shaving cream

Shaving often leaves skin dry and vulnerable. By using Moroccan oil for this task, it will not only help you save some cash on expensive and oftentimes harmful shaving creams, but it will also hydrate and soften your skin as you shave.

Just put a small amount and then shave. You will be shaving like a pro in no time.

6. It can repair hair damage

The shampoos and conditioners that you use may sometimes cause more harm than good. Also, the hairsprays and gels, and other hair styling products that you are so fond of using can actually leave a lot of gunk on your hair which can lead to hair damage.

By using Moroccan oil, it will help strengthen, hydrate, smoothen and bring back the elasticity of your hair once more.

7. Can fix your dandruff problem

Dandruff is oftentimes caused by a very dry scalp. So, in order to moisturize and hydrate, massage some Moroccan oil into your scalp in a circular motion. After that, apply a warm, moist towel to ensure that the scalp stays well hydrated.

Remember to wring the towel off excess water. You can do this process three times a week until you can see results.

8. It can lower cholesterol

Moroccan oil is rich in schottenol and spinasterol, which are plant sterols. These sterols are said to help minimize inflammation in the body and prevent the absorption of cholesterol by the intestines. It is also proven to improve circulation and helps to increase the levels of LDL, which is good cholesterol and is essential to our body.

It is also rich in omega 9 and omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important for a healthy heart.

9. Promotes healthy digestion

Moroccan oil is a good digestive agent. It increases the concentration of pepsin in the gastric juices to promote healthy digestion in the body.

It is rich in antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation in and out of the body.

10. Keeps frizzy hair at bay

Frizzy hair is a very common problem, especially during the winter months. Moroccan oil can help your frizz be at ease by applying a few drops and massaging it onto your hair.

It is the perfect formula for taming your wild head. It is lightweight and non-greasy too.

Moroccan oil is now the rage. It is so popular because of its many benefits inside and outside the body. Remember that there are two types of Moroccan oil: one is for cosmetic and the other for culinary purposes. Make sure that the oil you purchase comes with a “100% pure” or “Made in Morocco” tag to ensure its credibility. Store them in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from heat and sunlight, so they will not be depleted of their nutrients and their other properties.

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