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Are you a great fan of Web-slinging, Boom Tubes Teleporting Dogs? If you want to ride over a tall building or cross the sea with a flick of a second there is a list of supercars that will add more to wild fantasy. There are just a few to name. They have become famous for the comic series or the topic and teenagers are mad about the look and style. There are a lot of vehicles that the superheroes use for transportation. This article will help you find the top 10 superhero Cars.

1. The Spider-mobile

A car that Peter Parker used for his movements is commonly referred to as the spider –mobile.

Peter and Johnny Storm together built the car and decided to swing on the webs.

2. The Fantastic Four Fantastic Car

Technically it is not a car. This fantastic-Car in reality is more of an aerial vehicle.

It can be divided into four parts and recombined back for four-directional fighting.

3. The Haunted Tank

M3 Stuart Tank was haunted by the ghost of 19th century Confederate General. It was used to have a keen watch on the crew during the World War.

A 2008 mini-series made is very clear that General was taking up the residence in an M1 Abrams Tank.

4. The Ecto-1-1959 Cadillac Miller

Meteor is an ambulance car called the Ecto-1 which is decreed by Cadillac as a rare model.

This rooftop gadget was never explained in the movies but the cartoon series depicted it as a proton – cannon for oversized specters.

5. The Metallicar

Dean Wincheter’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala is one of the best cars with an amazing look.

It has a built-in-weapons compartment in the trunk which is slightly less conspicuous than the Cadillac Miller Ecto-1.

6. The Starjammer

The Starjammer is one of the best choices of teenagers. It is the falcon of comic books.

Corsair and his and of the rebels went for a space journey in this ship against the Shi’Ar Empire. This is certainly better than the Shi’Ar Empire’s fleet.

7. The Leapfrog

The Runaways run away from the super-villain parents and steal this magnificent unique ship to help in the getaway. This ship is possessed with artificial intelligence and has a massive ability to travel large distances in a single bound.

It comes with some cloaking devices hence it can be seen and goes unnoticed.

8. The Time Sphere

The famous Dc Comics’ character Rip Hunter used the Time Sphere.

When he was a teenager in the 31st century he used this to travel anywhere in space and time.

9. The Blackhawks’ Fighter Planes

Blackhawk, the leader of a group of ace fighter is another popular World War 2 era comic. They come from a multinational background and they fought with the allied forces into their special vehicle.

Grumman XF5F Skyrockets have an amazing air hanger on their own secret base.

10. E.V.A.

One of the most interesting characters in X-Men Fantomex-the faux-French mutant thief has external powers that takes a form of a bio-mechanical flying craft called as EVA.

This is a flying saucer which is an extension if he will.

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