Top 10 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

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While we are all for “no quitting”, sticking up for yourself and being strong to get through life’s challenges, there are some isolated instances when quitting may actually be the best option. Take your job for instance, especially if it is not exactly the job that you have been daydreaming about since you were a kid. Add a nasty boss, gossiping teammates, and a pile load of to-do list that just never seems to empty. Think about it. Are you happy?

It’s not such a bad thing to admit that you are unhappy. Hey, we only live once so we might as well choose the things that make us happy, right? If you feel like it’s getting too much on the office front, here are the top 10 signs that you should pack up and leave your job.

1. You dread Mondays…

Don’t we all? Yes, most of us who strongly think that there should be a day between Saturday and Sunday, feel just as dreadful as Monday approaches.

But if you feel an uncharacteristically dread for Mondays, like it’s literally giving you panic attacks, then you might need to re-assess your work situation.

2. …or any workday, for that matter.

Not only Mondays, we see.

If you think like you’re practically dragging yourself to work every day, and you don’t even feel the excitement anymore every morning when you get up for work, then you are probably, most likely unhappy with your job anymore.

3. You lack the interest to work on your regular tasks.

Regular tasks become memorized and a routine. It’s like you become a robot version of yourself where your brain goes on auto-pilot when you get to work. You don’t feel growth. You don’t learn new things.

You feel stuck on a certain level where you don’t see anything changing sometime soon. Maybe it’s time to look at options?

4. You lack the interest to start on new tasks.

Remember the first time you walked into your company? You were just so full of motivation and enthusiasm, fired up and ready to conquer the world – or at least the career path you chose.

You were always hyped up, ideas flowing from anywhere and everywhere and eight hours of work time is just not enough as you enjoy working on new things one after the other. Yeah, what happened to that guy?

5. You feel bored.

Not much about your work is exciting to you anymore. Not even new co-workers and teammates.

You even scoff inwardly when a new workmate is introduced to you and mentally says “You’re going to hate this place son, trust me.” You’re not only bored. You’re bitter.

6. You feel like what you are doing is useless.

Okay, in your defense, part of this may actually be blamed on your boss, team leader, management, or whatever you call your upper ups. As what we like the people to know – there is no small or big job; it’s the attitude that makes the difference.

Maybe you are not given enough recognition or enough information about the value of your job. Maybe, right?

7. Your boss annoys the hell out of you…

Even if your boss is probably the best boss in the world and he has done you no wrong, everything he does just seems to annoy you.

Like “why did he get the position instead of me?” Yeah, not very healthy.

8. …or you annoy your boss, like all the time…

…because you just can’t seem to get anything right. Seriously, if you are going to mess up every single task given to you, even the simplest ones, maybe this job is not for you.

Start looking for other career paths that are cut out for your skills.

9. You’re physically changing.

You’re losing weight; you’re gaining weight; you’re losing hair; you’re gaining pimples – you know, the usual stuff stress can give you. Being distressed about your job can do that, and it’s not really the healthiest thing to have.

Might as well quit and look for other options that can actually make you live longer.

10. You’re starting to “lose yourself” in the process.

You don’t have the same enthusiasm and motivation that you had when you started anymore.

You even feel like you are slowly losing it as you go. That’s stress and everything else put together. Take time off and assess your options.

As hard as it is to admit, some of us choose to endure the torture that is our jobs because we are scared. Scared of the unknown; scared of not having money to feed yourself and your family; scared of moving out of your comfort zone. While they are all very good reasons, you should also start looking for options. Not saying quit right away, but look for other positions and options where you might see your career and happiness again.

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