Top 10 Must-Have Nail Polish Colors

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Getting a manicure is one of the simple pleasures a woman can enjoy and putting on some polish with a pop of color is another important thing. But what are these colors that women like to put on their nails? Here are the top ten list nail polishes women go gaga over.

1. Purple

The purple color shows your rebellious and edgy side. It also looks retro all the way. Purple also invites artistic and creative people that are not afraid to stand out. It is also commonly associated with balance and is used for those with mental and nervous breakdowns.

It gives a sense of balance and transforms fears and anxiety into a sense of calmness.

2. Orange

Orange is a happy and vibrant color that is always associated with happiness and laughter. It is a color that is hard to miss, perfect for getting noticed. This great when worn on beach trips or anywhere near it because this color complements well with the color blue of the ocean.

Orange also does not fail to uplift your sour mood or if you are not feeling your best. Eat an orange or simply put orange nail polish to feel better.

3. Beige

People who use this color on their nails are usually the orderly kind. It is usually worn when they want to keep to themselves and hope that nobody notices.

They also want to feel a connection with the earth and feel a sense of stability. It also shows simplicity and humility.

4. Pink

Women love to wear pink on their nails because it is a pretty and lovely color. Powerful women who wear this polish like to show their feminine side too. It also represents the color of love and romance.

Pink is a color of glamour and perfect for people who want to stand out. Women who like to use pink are posh, confident, and daring.

5. Metallic

Gold is a symbol of good health and silver is an elegant color. Gold shows optimism and positivity. It is great for nails who want to go out to a party. Your nails will be eye-catching because metallic nail polishes reflect light and make your face look brighter.

Other metallic nail polishes, like silver, are appropriate for everyday wear. It will complement almost any outfit you get into.

6. Blue

Blue can be worn during interviews for it gives a sense of professional energy. It is also associated with cleanliness, loyalty, and water. You can also become close to nature when wearing this color. Blue lets you stand out in a crowd and dares you to show your individuality.

Blue is just an all-time favorite for everyone and it’s the most commonly used nail polish color of all time.

7. Gray

Gray usually shows boredom and a lack of interest in anything. It is also associated with loneliness and depression. Use it on your nails if you are wearing a bright-colored dress. Also, it is perfect for those who are going to interviews.

It gives a sense of formality, modesty, and conformity. Gray is now getting popular because of its calming effect.

8. White

White is a symbol of purity and innocence. It is most commonly linked to cleanliness, balance, and harmony. Polish white on your nails if you want to make a good first impression. Women who wear this color are conservative, but confident and knows exactly what they want.

White can make you look pristine and neat too. You can never go wrong with white, it goes well with almost any outfit.

9. Black

Black is perfect for the emo-punk look. It gives a fierce kind of aura on the wearer. It is a classic color, though, that complements any style of outfit and any color as well. Make sure to make your nails short when wearing this, otherwise, you will look like a witch with your black nails so long.

Never underestimate women who wear black polish, they have strong personalities and determined to reach their goals.

10. Red

Red is a very attractive color that symbolizes love, passion, and emotion. It can also depict anger and danger. Women who wear red on their nails like to attract attention because of the red’s eye-catching and head-turning color. It has the ability to brighten a drab outfit.

Red nails can also be used for work and not only for partying. It can be worn on both long and short-rounded nails, they will look just as great.

These top ten lists of nail polish colors will surely help you choose which one suits you best, based on your personality. You can be blue, purple, or you can be red. Whatever you choose, these would still be the hottest polishes for your nails. So, take your time in choosing the one that is appropriate for you.

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