Top 10 Invented Creatures of the Ancient World

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The ancient world has been known to invent a lot of knowledge that has brought about the modernization of the world today. They have not only invented numerous technologies but invented creatures as well, that are known to frighten civilizations for years to come. Here are the top ten most feared invented ancient creatures.

1. Phoenix

The phoenix is known to be a long-lived bird that repeatedly gets reborn. It is associated with the sun. The bird is depicted as being reborn from the ashes of its predecessor after combusting into flames.

The phoenix is said to live for up to 1,400 years as retold by many popular people in ancient times such as Herodotus, Lucan, Pliny the Elder, Pope Clement I, Lactantius, Ovid, and Isidore of Seville.

2. Centaur

A centaur is also known as a hippocentaur, is a creature describes as having the upper body of a human and a lower body of a horse. The origin of this mythical animal is said to have started from the reactions of non-riding people to nomads who were mounted on horses.

These nomads would appear as half-human, half-animal. Female centaurs are called Kentaurides, but not a lot has been written about them.

3. Mermaids

The mermaids, according to legend, is an aquatic animal with the upper body of a female and a tail of a fish. The first story about these mythical animals was first heard in ancient Assyria, when Atargatis turned herself into a mermaid for the shame of accidentally murdering her human lover.

They are often associated with sea tragedies such as shipwrecks, storms, and drownings. They are often used as inspiration for art and literature.

4. Cerberus

Cerberus, according to Greek and Roman myth, is a multi-headed dog. It has a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes, and the claws of a lion. It is said to guard the entrance of the Greek underworld, to prevent the dead from escaping.

According to myth, Cerberus is the offspring of Echidna, which is a half-human half-serpent human, and Typhon, the feared gigantic monster of the gods.

5. Hippogriff

The hippogriff is a creature with the front quarters of an eagle and the hindquarters of a horse. It is described to be very fast and is able to fly around the world and to the moon. It has been used in visual art, especially in the 19th century by Gustave Dore.

This creature also serves as Apollo’s symbol as the god of the sun. In other traditions, the hippogriff has been used as a symbol of love.

6. Basilisk

The basilisk is a legendary reptile that has the power to cause death upon a single glance. It is said to be the king of all serpents because of this ability. The origin of the basilisk may have been due to the presence of cobras.

Cobras have the ability to stand erect and also has a crown on its head, just like the basilisk, as described.

7. Griffin

The griffin is described to have the tail, body, and hind legs of a lion. The head and wings are that of an eagle and its front feet are that of the eagle’s talons. It is considered to be a majestic and powerful creature because of the combination of the lion and eagle in its body.

They are known to guard treasures and priceless possessions. The griffin is also used as a symbol of power and a guardian of love.

8. Hydra

The hydra is a serpent-like aquatic monster with reptilian characteristics. This creature consists of multiple heads that when one is cut off, two more heads will regenerate. It is described to have poisonous breath and blood.

The hydra is said to be the guardian of the Underworld located beneath the waters of the Lake of Lerna in the Argolid, from which it stays.

9. Kraken

The Kraken is a legendary large sea monster that is said to be living beneath the water of Norway and Greenland. The origin of the Kraken may have started from reported sightings of giant squids in these waters. They are said to grow about 12-15 meters in length. They have been visually described differently since then. One description was having an octopus-like head and having spikes on its suckers.

In a more ancient description, the Kraken was viewed as more crab-like in appearance and associated with large whales.

10. Minotaur

The Minotaur is a legendary creature with a head of a bull and a body of a human. He dwells at the center of the Labyrinth, designed by Daedalus the architect, and his son Icarus.

The name Minotaur has been used as a reference for a specific group of bull-headed creatures since then. It has also been used as inspiration for art and literature in ancient times.

They may not have existed in reality, but it might have been cool if they did. Before you believe in any of these made-up creatures, make sure you do some research first.

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