Top 10 Ideas to Make Money While Unemployed

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Being in-between jobs, whether it is by choice or not, can be quite a bummer. If you do not have much to do, you can easily get bored. Spending money may not be a good idea because of the obvious. So you ask: “how can I make my time more valuable?”

That’s easy. Being unemployed does not always mean not making money. Some of the most successful businessmen and wealthiest people started with an idea and they made their move from there. Basically what we are saying is: you can still make money even if you are not working in a company, or office, or anywhere that requires you to get into work every day. Here are 10 ideas that can help you make money for the time being.

1. Clean houses

Talk about freelance and making money by doing things that you are well-accustomed to – cleaning houses is not such a bad idea while you are waiting for your next big break.

The job is fun, easy, and is not a daily requirement. If you can follow quick orders from the homeowners, then you are perfectly fit for this job.

2. Walk Dogs

Put your dog-loving skill to use and make some money while walking around the town.

You can walk dogs of your neighbors or go directly to the dog shelter if they have this kind of freelance job. While you’re at it, you can look around town and see if you can find any job opening. It’s hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Resell Unused Gift Certificates

Say “thank you” to your hoarder self when you find your unused gift certificates that can be of monetary value when resold.

You can take these gift certificates and sell them to friends for extra money.

4. Give Blood

Okay, well technically you are only able to give blood once every six months, so you have this as a one-off chance to make money.

Nevertheless, it’s something that can help you financially, especially at the moment when you are in-between jobs. If you’re not scared of needles and blood, then you can add this to your to-do list.

5. Have a Garage Sale

Take a long look at your closet and your entire home, and take out the things that you are not using anymore or you don’t really need. What are you going to do with them?

You can hold a garage sale and sell these items for extra income. They are just going to get dusted on anyway. Might as well make money out of them, right?

6. Babysit

This job requires the understanding of kids and lots of patience, so if you have trouble with both, you can skip this. Babysitting is one of the most common freelance jobs in the suburbs that are, yes, mostly done by teens in the neighborhood (as seen in movies).

But, if you’re a baby-loving type, you can also do this while the parents are out. Just be sure you know the basics of taking care of kids and especially infants.

7. House-sit

If you skipped the babysitting part then this one might work for you. House sitting is kind of like house cleaning and babysitting put together – minus the baby and minus the cleaning (unless requested). It’s also a freelance work where the homeowner will request you to look after their home while they go away.

If the job is plain and simple house sitting, then you don’t need to do anything other than making sure that the house does not burn down. Pretty easy money.

8. Use Your Skills

If we’re talking freelance then you can expect that society today has a load of freelance jobs on all types of skills. Let’s start with the simple ones – singing, dancing, acting, or writing.

If you’re a pro at any of these, then you can use your mad skills to make money while you’re at it.

9. DIY Crafts

This is something that you can do if you are on the creative side, and who knows, this might even be the beginning of your successful business.

If you are into creating stylish DIY crafts that can be used for events and parties, then you can venture into this freelance job to make money in the meantime.

10. Rent Out Spare Spaces

This one is the representation of basically sitting around and waiting for money.

If you have spare spaces or bedrooms, you can rent it out and literally wait for money every rental due.

Making your own living is important for your survival, literally. In a way, earning enough for your basic needs is a good start. You can work with the big money and big savings later on when you are already fully established. But for now, focus on making a dime even when you are in-between jobs. That’s the responsible thing to do.

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