Top 10 TV Series You Should Watch in this Lifetime

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There is nothing more comforting than doing a marathon or watching the latest episode of your favorite TV series during the weekend. In fact, there are some people who put a viewing party with friends or loved ones to watch the series’ season premiere or finale.

Although it can be debatable and depending on the type of series you watch, expert couch potatoes and TV geeks have made a list amongst the top TV series you should watch

1. Breaking Bad

Without a doubt, Vince Gilligan made one of the best series of all time and one of the most viewed series on Netflix. The creator made a stunning job of treading into complex themes and plot lines building up momentum until the last season of the series. Actors Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and many others won Emmy awards for a job well done throughout the season.

This is a story about a chemistry teacher who found out he is dying due to lung cancer and is looking for ways to earn more money so he paired with his student to make pure crystal meth thus unleashing Mr, White’s dark side.

2. Mad Men

Mad Men is also one of the best series there is where the plot is set in the 1960s. It is about New  York’s famous ad agency focusing on Donald Draper who is the creative director of Sterling Cooper where his professional and personal life revolves around the story.

What’s brilliant about this series is that it doesn’t really deal with cops, mafia dons, drug lords, and the like. It is an office setting pushing for their personal goals.

3. Game of Thrones

The TV adaptation of  George R.R. Martin’s, A Song Of Fire And Ice, the series is all about the civil war that brews in between different families of noble blood in Westeros. Created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss,  Game of Thrones is shown in HBO in 2011 and is in its 6th season and counting.  

Over the years, it gained more and more followers whether they are for team Targaryan, Stark, Lannister, Tyrell, and many others.

4. 30 Rock

For those who love to laugh at the wit of Tina Fay and Alec Baldwin, then this is the series for you. The show started in 2006 where it is an American Satirical TV series on NBC where it focuses on the life of Liz Lemon played by Tina Fey.

The story is inspired by a comedy show called “The Girlie Show”. Since then, the show underwent different changes but never looked back since it won a lot of Emmy awards.

5. Orange Is The New Black

It is a dramedy or Drama-Comedy where it follows the life of Piper Chapman, a woman who voluntarily surrendered and is serving 15 months in jail for being convicted of a crime she commits as a drug handler and money transporter with her ex-girlfriend.

It is actually based on the true experience of Piper Kerman where she wrote a memoir about what she has seen and experienced for a year in Woman’s prison.

6. Narcos

Narcos is based on the true accounts of the DEA who went after the Colombian Drug Lord- Pablo Escobar. 

Just in its first season, it has gained much criticism but a lot of viewers on Netflix because of the ability of Chris Brancato, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard to deliver some accurate facts on how the government fought against Pablo Escobar.

7. Friends

Every TV junkie knows this series. IT is about 3 young adult men and 3 young adult women who found friendship and love as they face the life of living in New York.  It has become one of the most re-watchable series on Netflix.

It tackles not just friendship but also humor, love, and friends who stick at each other’s noses kind of friendship.

8. The Walking Dead

If you want to watch a series about zombie apocalypse then the Walking Dead is the show you should watch.

It is safe to say that the show is a rollercoaster where the characters live in the middle of its fight against the zombies but also kill their own kind because of different interests. But what fans love about the series is that it has gotten better and better as the season progress.

9. Freaks and Geeks

This is a series about high-school misfits and friends who are bound to become the media millionaires.

It follows the life of Lindsay Weir and her brother. Lindsay has a group of “freak” friends while Sam has his “geek” friends. Although the series was canceled, a lot of viewers were impressed by the 18 episodes of the show.

10. Daredevil

Only in its second season on Netflix, Daredevil is one of the hero-series you shouldn’t miss.

It is about the life of Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day, vigilante at night in his hometown, the Hell’s Kitchen. The series shows the struggle of being a hero, trying to be a good citizen of Hell’s Kitchen by helping the people need his legal help.

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