Top 10 Weirdest Fast Food Menu Items

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Fast-food chains are common and can be found anywhere in the world. Their menu may differ to cater to their countries’ choice of food, but there are also many similarities – like burger meals and donuts. Many people love to eat on fast food joints because the food is easy and fast (pun intended).

Once in a while, however, we see some very unique food items in the menu that would make us do a double-take, not because they are spelled wrong but because they seem off to be included in a fast-food menu – or any kind of menu for that matter. Here are the top 10 of the weirdest fast-food menu items we have seen.

1. Lasagna Sandwich

Lasagna is a scrumptious pasta recipe that is already a full meal. Sandwiches are a good full meal, too. Now here comes a lasagna sandwich. This carbo-loaded sandwich is part of the Tesco menu in the UK.

While the idea of eating lasagna and a sandwich separately may seem mouth-watering, putting them together into this one heavy meal can be gauche.

2. Rice Burger

Rice is a staple food of many Asian countries and burgers are popular with Westerners. Put them together into a meal and you have a burger sandwich where the buns are made of rice formed into buns.

It’s like eating a burger but the buns that are holding the burger patty are bun-shaped rice. Interesting? You can try one from McDonald’s’ in Asia.

3. Doritos Pizza

You eat Doritos and you eat pizza, maybe a lot of them. The only similarity of both foods is that they are common in parties. In Pizza Hut Australia, they challenged the norm.

Why not put both party food into one and create a crunchy Doritos pizza? That’s one extreme binge eating right there.

4. Windows 7 Whooper

Why is it called a Windows 7 Whooper? Because it promoted the launch of the Windows 7 software. So while the Americans were celebrating the launch of the then-newest Windows software,

Burger King in Japan launched this fast-food burger that is 7-patty tall. That’s right – 7 patties. Hello, quadruple heart bypass.

5. Kit-Kat Sandwich

The famous tag line “Have a break, have a Kit-Kat” has been taken a step further by making it more than just a break time snack. In Japan’s fast-food chain named First Kitchen, Kit-Kats are more than just dessert. They are the main course.

Kit-Kats are made into sandwiches and yes, they are put in between buns. Can you imagine what that would taste like? Sweet and chocolaty, that’s for sure.

6. Peanut Sauce Stuffed Crust Pizza

Peanut sauce is perfect to pair with barbecues and grilled meat and chicken. Peanut sauce as stuffing for a pizza crust? That was one creative mind, whoever started this recipe. No other than the popular pizza parlor itself – Dominos Pizza.

The peanut sauce stuffed crust pizza is only available in Dominos Pizza based in Taiwan.

7. Pork and Seaweed Donuts

Ah, donuts. They’re sweet, soft, and perfect for dessert or for snacking. Well, that is if they remain sweet. Pork and seaweed flavored donuts, on the other hand?

It sounds interesting and probably something that you would want to try, just to know what it tastes like. These innovative and weirdly flavored donuts can be tasted in Dunkin Donuts China.

8. Black Burger

What could make a mouth-watering and irresistible burger meal even better? A burger that’s different in appearance, of course. The taste, however? We’ll leave it to you to judge.

The famous black burger of Burger King in Japan – a curious combination of black cheese and black buns. The only part that is rightfully colored is the patty.

9. Fish Donuts

Here we are with the donuts again. This time, it’s not only pork or seaweed. It’s a fish-flavored donut. That’s right. These are donuts that taste like fish and they can be bought from KFC outlets in Singapore.

Question is – can you eat these donuts with rice since they are fish-flavored?

10. Garden Spinach Muffin

If there’s one person who’s going to be immeasurably happy with this type of muffin, it’s going to be Popeye. Muffins are supposed to be sweet and a tickle for your taste buds. Spinach, though?

This creative vegetable muffin can be bought from Starbucks branches located in Hong Kong. Be warned, you can develop extreme strength like Popeye.

Eating is a universal hobby and trying out new dishes is something that most people enjoy. Although there’s nothing erroneous with experimenting on new food recipes, which is evidently mainly for marketing and business purposes, the food combination can make some people hesitant to try them. These types of food are typically enjoyed by food enthusiasts who love to tickle their taste buds with innovative dishes.

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