Top 10 Don’ts for a Harmonious Marriage

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Marriage, although they say is made of love, is also composed of other factors to make it work. It is, after all, a partnership between two grown-up individuals with different attitudes and personalities. What happens if your attitude or personality does not exactly go with your spouse? That’s right; it will start arguments and debates which could not end well. You’ve heard all the do’s. Now here are the don’ts to help make your marriage harmonious.

1. Don’t do things alone

This also means: do not experience new things alone. Being married, your spouse is your other half. Half – meaning you are not a whole without your partner and the experiences will not be as fulfilling anyway.

Do things, experience new things together with your spouse always. Watch a new movie, try out a new restaurant and try a new hobby together. This can make your marriage stronger.

2. Don’t nag

According to studies, nagging is one of the top reasons why men and women in a marriage are easily tempted to cheat. It does matter whether the husband or the wife nags.

When one half of a marriage is a nagging partner, chances are the other half will not feel as comfortable at home anymore. The result will be that the nagged partner will look for another place where he/she can be comfortable.

3. Don’t be weak

Do not be weak, especially in times when strength is needed, which in reality is almost all the time. Although sometimes we show vulnerability in order to let our partner know that we need help, but do not be frail in times of need.

Times, when you and your spouse need to be strong, are times when you can show each other just how strong you can be when you work hand in hand to get through life’s difficulties.

4. Don’t judge your spouse too quickly

It’s easy to judge someone, especially if that someone is your spouse whom you well know and see almost every day. Even though you know your partner inside and out, there will be instances when you get to see a new side of their attitude and personality.

When this happens, do not be quick to judge. Be understanding and accepting of your spouse.

5. Don’t believe other people without consulting your spouse first

A common mistake most couples make – believing others, such as friends and family without consulting your spouse first. It may seem like a good idea, but trust us when we say that your spouse has just as much right as you do to decide for your own lives.

While family and friends are there to give advice, the final decision should be done by you both, together.

6. Don’t stop talking

The most important ingredient for a marriage to work: communication. Without communication, you will not be able to express your love and affection. Without communication, you are unable to let your partner know the problems you go through.

When you got married, you vowed to always keep each other in the loop. Always do so.

7. Don’t keep secrets

White lies, half-truth, harmless dishonesty – whatever you call them, they are all lies. Hiding something from your partner, and even deleting text seemingly innocent text messages so your partner will not be able to read them, is already considered cheating.

Honesty is a vital foundation of a marriage.

8. Don’t go to bed angry

Arguments are common in a marriage. In fact, it would be plain and boring if there is no bickering between you and your partner every now and then. That said, do not go to bed angry and without resolving conflict with your spouse.

Your bed and sleep are a sacred routine in which you should not taint with negative emotions.

9. Don’t talk bad about your spouse to anyone

The relationship may be bad, he/she may have some bad attitude or life may be hard. Whatever you go through, never talk bad about your spouse to anyone.

You can seek help on how to face the difficulties you experience in life, but badmouthing your partner is a totally different thing that can hurt your spouse deeply when they find out.

10. Don’t ever consider divorce

No matter how hard life may be and how bad your relationship can turn, do not even consider divorce as an option.

It’s easy to think that there’s always a way out, but the most successful marriages are those who stick it out when times got bad, especially when times got bad. You made a vow to stay together, you should keep these vows.

So although we are all for individuality and speaking up your mind, there is a certain level of compromise in marriages that is brought by true love and affection. You may think it is like treading carefully, but you are really just refusing to start an argument and wanting to live a peaceful and harmonious marriage.

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