Top 10 Signs You are Working Too Much

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We all know that one co-worker who’s working too hard and who barely has time leave their desk and share some office jokes. Sometimes, that person is us. When your dream job takes a wrong turn and becomes just a daily manic routine, and everything seems too hectic that you can’t even eat right, you need to regroup and assess yourself if you are still living a balanced life. Here are the top 10 signs that you are working too much.

1. Sleepless nights

Although it may seem the opposite because working too much will drain your energy, you will notice that you have sleepless nights. This is because of the many things that run through your head.

Did I submit that report on time? What was that task assigned to me again? Did I finish everything today? Questions like these can quite bug you until dawn.

2. Always feeling tired

Yes, because the truth is told, you are working too much. You drain your energy physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why when you get home, you barely have time to change out of your work clothes.

You just slump on the bed and wait for the sleep to come. Next thing you know, your alarm is buzzing off to another day.

3. Dreading Mondays

Remember those times when you used to look forward to Mondays and the many new things that you want to start – projects, assignments, tasks, and official reports. The enthusiasm used to be palpable.

Now you dread Mondays like it’s the plague because you know it’s the start of a new dragging work week with piles of workload.

4. Feeling on the edge all the time

When you feel like there’s always something that you should be doing or there is something you forgot to do, you are most probably working too much.

Your body and mind are starting to get attuned to the rhythm of always working and working, your starting to become like a robot.

5. Regretting any chances of rest/vacation leaves

When your boss practically drags you out the door to take a few days of rest for yourself and you hate it, because you would rather be working and making money, then you are working too much.

Vacations should be something you look forward to where you can spend some of your hard-earned money on yourself.

6. You hardly goof around with friends at work

Everyone’s laughing and sharing office gossip and you just sit there on your desk working your ass off. Even if they surround you on your desk, you just pretend to listen to them while you actually think of work.

You don’t even have time to laugh at their jokes. Hey, all work and no play makes you dull, right?

7. You hardly leave your desk

It’s not because you’re too lazy to get up, but you’re actually piled up with task after task that you hardly have time to even lookup. You accept all assignments given to you even if it means skipping coffee breaks and lunch dates with your co-workers.

Listen, it does not make you hardworking. It just makes you a person who works too much and it’s not good.

8. Your inbox is always full

When there’s a new high-level request from the management and the first person your boss thinks to assign it to is you. Don’t get us wrong, that is a flattering thing and can lead to a faster promotion.

But when your inbox is never free and it always reaches full memory, it’s time to delete a few items in there and delegate some of your assignments to those who are hard-working.

9. You walk, talk and move in a hurry

You walk fast and can’t even appreciate your surroundings. You talk fast and expect everyone to understand you immediately. Those who can’t irritate you.

You move like someone is after you. Your daily routine is like a zoom, you even forget to track the dates. Yes, you’re working too much.

10. Your mobile phone is attached to your hand

Finally, the first and most blatant sign that you are working too much is when your mobile phone is practically attached to your hand. Surfing the net and social media is a different thing.

But when you get calls every two minutes and the text messages never stop, you are working too much.

Doing what you love. Loving what you do. It’s all the same. The truth is that you can only love what you do if you get to enjoy the perks of it. In the case of the working society, it means getting to enjoy your hard-earned money. Avoid getting burned out and give time for yourself. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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