Top 10 Cheap Ways to Spend Summer

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Summer is all about vacation, fun, and living the life. However, when you are working on a budget, an extravagant vacation may seem a bit too much. No worries. You can still make the best time of your summer with simple but really fun activities for the whole family. It’s not always about how far the destination or how much it costs. As long as everyone is enjoying, you are living the best days of your life. Here are 10 cheap and simple ways to spend the summer.

1. Go on a Road Trip

Take the family and the whole gang on a road trip. Road trips are cheaper than booking flights and you get to see more views, experience more fun stuff with the family. The kids will like the adventure and you can be like backpackers going from town to town.

Eat local cuisine and stay on transient hotels for cheaper accommodations.

2. Learn or Play Sports

Summer can be a great time to go outdoors and learn some new hobbies or sports. You can play Frisbee, Tennis or Football, or you can start learning them with the whole family. Sports is an engaging way to develop everyone’s competitive skills while enjoying what you are doing.

You might even discover a hidden talent in certain sports.

3. Go for a Hike

Take the kids and the whole gang for a day hike. Hiking is fun and full of experience as you and your family get to see beautiful views and landscapes.

You can go for a day hike in mountains or forests nearest you, provided you have a guide who knows the ins and outs of these places. Safety first.

4. Set Up a Hammock

An ideal summer is lying on a hammock while feeling the fresh breeze blow through your hair. Well, you can have that in your own backyard. All you need is a hammock and to set it up in your yard where you can lie down and relax during the day.

It would also be a good idea to set up a barbecue in your backyard to have the whole family share a meal outside.

5. Go for a Picnic at the Park

Picnics at the park may seem a little cliché or mainstream for some, but for kids, this can be an enjoyable day. You cook and prepare ready-to-eat meals and bring the whole family to your local picnic areas.

Your kids will have a wide area to run around and play, while you can also play Frisbee or Football.

6. Make lemonade

It’s not summer without refreshments readily available in your fridge all the time. Keep a steady supply of lemonade on your fridge. You can also encourage the kids to start up a small business and sell lemonade to neighbors.

This way, they can enjoy the neighborhood streets every afternoon while also learning the value of earning money.

7. Eat Seafood

Summer and seafood just go together because summer means going to the beach. Well, you do not have to be on the beach to munch on a couple of shrimps and crab. You can go to your supermarket and buy all the ingredients, make a delicious home-cooked seafood meal, and have the whole family share a scrumptious seafood lunch or dinner.

This will save you money and will give your family quality home-cooked food.

8. Make Summer Treats

Summer treats are the ones many of us look forward to every summer. Sometimes, it’s not the place, but the treats and food that make summer memorable. That being said, you can learn to make summer treats and have them in constant supply in your fridge.

Learn to make homemade ice cream or iced candies that kids and adults absolutely love to eat especially during hot days.

9. Have a Street Summer Party

Talk about parties? You can have one in your own neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors and have the kids involved.

They can arrange a small street party with barbecue, finger food, refreshing drinks, and a good talk with your friends around the neighborhood.

10. Go to Your Local Beach

If you are really looking for a beach, you can always go to your local beach or lake. No need to book expensive tickets and hotels to go to other places.

You can have as much fun on the beach at your own place as anywhere else.

These activities are simple and cheap but are really fun for the whole family. There are plenty of other things you can do to spend a fun summer while you are at home. Have your kids experience how you did your summers when you were young, or have a throwback summer activity where the whole family plays, laughs, and has fun together.

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