Top 10 Pregnancy Realities for Upcoming Moms

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman. It is said that this is the time she becomes complete and her life is given true purpose and meaning. We see all these pregnant celebrities who somehow seem to stay gorgeous their entire pregnancy. Truth be told, there are a lot of bodily and life changes to be experienced when you are expecting. We’ve seen, heard, and read them all but we’ve summarized them for your convenience. Here are the top 10 pregnancy realities when you are expecting.

1. The Pregnancy Glow

You expect that your skin would glow and be smooth and silky like a baby’s, just like those celebrity moms who seemed so perfect when they were pregnant. It does not always look like that. In fact, your skin may develop rashes, pimples, and darkening in some areas.

Don’t worry. This is a normal part of pregnancy due to hormones.

2. Sexy, Sleek Maternity Clothes

You’re excited about all the new sexy and adorable maternity clothes that will emphasize your baby bump and still highlight your womanly curves. When you are pregnant, tight clothes may make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Remember: choose comfort over style.

Your comfort is important more than looking sexy at this time.

3. Getting All the Attention

After announcing that you are expecting, it’s nice to get special treatment from friends, colleagues, and family. Over time, you may get less of “Oh, you look glowing”, and more of “I bet you are due soon”. Don’t fret.

It’s all part of your growing baby bump and other people’s excitement for you.

4. A Wild Emotional Ride

Expecting your baby is a blissful experience, but the truth is it may not always be happy moments for the mom-to-be. Your hormones are on overdrive.

Your emotions can be extreme to the point where simple and small arguments or misunderstandings may make you feel sad or depressed.

5. The Incessant Food Cravings

Your food cravings can go beyond the first trimester, which is when it is most common. In the next two trimesters, you might not crave specific types of food but you will be hungry and craving for food a lot.

At one point, you may even be woken up at 3 AM with your tummy grumbling and your baby kicking around asking you to eat a burger.

6. Gaining Weight

You expect to gain weight because, well, you are pregnant and the baby will make you gain weight. However, it will not all be the baby gaining weight, although it would be good for most of the weight to be on the baby. You will also be gaining weight but don’t worry.

You can shed off the extra weight after you have given birth.

7. All the Body Changes

Your body is expectedly going to undergo a lot of changes. Your breast will grow bigger, your hips will grow wider and you will feel sensitive in many parts of your body. You will have pimples, rashes, and skin darkening in some areas.

While it may seem like some moms-to-be have perfectly toned bodies during pregnancy, the reality is that somebody changes may not be as pleasing as you may think.

It’s all-natural for pregnancy, so do not be sad about it.

8. Bladder Overdrive

As your baby grows in your belly, the baby pushes down on your bladder which will make you want to go to the loo every few hours. It even gets more frequent as you near your due date. Although this is an expected body routine when one is pregnant, you are advised to drink more fluids to stay hydrated.

Just be ready to get up at 2 AM to go to the loo, and every hour, basically.

9. Feeling the Baby’s Movements

Feeling the baby move is a blissful and intimate moment for the mother. It builds up the excitement, even more, to meet the little one soon.

While the baby’s movements are ticklish and fun to feel, do not be surprised to be woken up in the middle of the night by these strong kicks.

10. Decorating the Baby’s Room

Decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting things to expect and do during pregnancy. However, the reality may not be as lively and enthusiastic as you think. It is understandable, as you may feel easily tired and heavy all the time.

Be sure to ask your partner or friends to help you out when doing the nursery.

In spite of all these realities, pregnancy is still one of the most exciting times for a mom-to-be. The nine months is a special time that only you and your baby share. So surf through the hormonal changes because it will all be worth it when you finally meet your bundle of joy.

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