Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

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Globally, almost a million small businesses are started every year. Most of these entrepreneurs felt that being self-employed is way better than working for someone else. To them, they have to chase their dreams instead of being cooped up inside an office and living someone else’s dream.

All of them are willing to take the plunge into the unknown and see if they can survive the competitive world of business. Can you think of reasons why more people are quitting their jobs every day and starting their own path to financial freedom? Take a look at these businessmen’s top justifications for venturing out on their own.

1. Work anywhere

Take, for example, a freelance writer who has his own successful blog and a plethora of clients to choose from.

He can even work from the beaches of the Caribbean and still earn while enjoying the beautiful view.

2. Make unlimited money

This is something you can’t get from being employed. For sure, there’s only so much you can earn within eight hours in the office.

Compared with the endless possibilities of starting your own business, office jobs often limit you from making more money.

3. Make a difference

When you come up with a unique idea that can change the world, you’ll truly make a difference in people’s lives. We’re talking about the likes of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple), and Bill Gates (Microsoft).

More unique businesses like Zipcar, for instance, makes getting around the city in a rental easier than before.

4. Your schedule is flexible

You work on your own hours and there’s no need to force yourself to wake up at six in the morning and get yourself ready for work.

You can even work in your nightwear if you want to.

5. Set up your own charity

Most entrepreneurs donate to charities through proceeds from their products or services.

If you’re running your own company, you can also give back to the community by hiring people and creating opportunities for them.

6. Build your network and communicate with clients effectively

The trouble with bigger corporations is getting a cold, lifeless automated voice on the phone.

For most small companies, the owners or personal assistants will take answer the call and respond to queries faster.

7. More affordable than competitors

You get to offer your customers more affordable products and services, compared to more established ones.

Aside from the price, you can tailor-fit offers that suit your clients’ requirements.

8. Feel the satisfaction

As compared to finishing tasks in the office for your employer, there is greater satisfaction in completing tasks for yourself.

You’re also mighty proud of starting on your own and seeing profits double with your hard work.

9. Faster delivery

Do you often feel frustrated about having to wait for approval and go-signals from supervisors and managers? That’s how most entrepreneurs feel.

And one of the most important reasons they have for starting their own business is the ability to deliver products and services faster.

10. Spend more time with the people you care

Who do you work for and for whom do you get up in the mornings? Naturally, all your effort is directed towards making a better future for your loved ones.

An office job keeps you away from them, 8 to 9 hours at a time. You can look forward to more moments with them if you have your own business.

Are you excited to start your own business? The listed reasons above should be enough to motivate you to do so. Good luck with your venture to success!

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