Top 10 Signs You are Social Media Obsessed

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Social media has taken the world by storm since it’s introduction, and for good reason too. All of a sudden, people of all ages who have access to the internet can communicate with their friends and loved ones across the globe through a few clicks of the mouse. Well, some took it a little too much and more. Are you a social media addict? Here are the top 10 signs to check if you are.

1.You pay a lot of money to stay online just so you can live your “social media life”

The ultimate indication of social media obsession. True, some of us pay money to have an internet connection but for other productive purposes.

If your sole purpose for paying a lot of money is to connect to your social media accounts – and making it your priority – you’re seriously on the far end.

2. #You #hashtag #everything

Okay, so there are people who don’t even know what a “hashtag” means, then there are people who hashtag every single word in their post. That’s you, if you are social media obsessed.

Seriously, it looks like you are phishing for likes and comments on your post. Your hashtags are longer than the actual status.

3. It’s like the end of the world if you don’t have an internet connection

You would rather not have running water than not have internet connection because you just can’t miss anything on your newsfeeds.

A few minutes without the internet is like a lifetime.

4. You regret taking a nap because then you missed some updates

Because, and like we said, it’s like your whole existence depends on your social media newsfeeds.

You can’t go a few minutes without your face being glued to your screen. You even take your phone to the toilet.

We are not exaggerating here. If you find yourself doing this, oh yes, you have a serious case of social media obsession.

5. All your devices – laptop, iPad, and mobile phone – are connected to the same social media account

Because you can’t get disconnected from your social media account ever, at any time of the day. Heaven forbid you to lose internet connection.

So when you leave home and get disconnected from WiFi, you are automatically connected to your mobile data like it’s oxygen or some life support you are attached to.

6. The first and the last thing you do is check on social feeds

Like your whole existence depend on it and it’s a vital dose of medicine before you start your day and before you go to sleep, you check your newsfeeds to see if there is anything new.

You’re worried that you missed out “a lot” in the 6 to 8 hours that you were sleeping. What’s the alternative? No sleep? Sheesh.

7. You post something, anything every few minutes

You’re like Katy Perry or Justin Bieber on Twitter minus the celebrity part of the picture. Judging by how much you post almost everything, with the idea that people are actually interested, you might as well be a celebrity. Except you’re not.

You post everything (emphasis on “everything”) because you check in on every place you go to and post your meals.

8. You are easier to reach through Facebook chat than in real life

You are online 24/7 in online messaging apps and you reply almost instantly when someone pings you, but it would take you a day or two to respond to text messages or to a real conversation.

When you do have real conversations with friends or other people, most of it would compose of a “hello, earth to you” and a disgruntled look from the person you are speaking with.

9. You use too much internet abbreviations

LOL, OMG, IDK, BRB is not actual words. But you firmly believe that they are and wonder why not all people understand them. You’d know that you are almost at the deep end of social media addiction when you find yourself using more internet abbreviations on normal, daily conversations than actual, English words.

You also wonder why some people don’t understand these internet slangs.

10. You consider it as productivity instead of procrastination

Here’s a comparison: browsing your newsfeeds to kill boredom during vacant hours is fine. Neglecting your tasks to stay glued on your newsfeeds and thinking that it’s actually something productive is so not fine.

If you find it hard to focus on your work and prefer to browse your newsfeeds to know where your friends (and frenemies) are, then yes, you are social media obsessed.

You may have heard this many times but we will say it anyway: social media should not substitute for your real life. It is a tool given to us for useful purposes of connecting with people, but the real connection still lives in day to day interactions. Cut back on social media and just live.

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