Top 10 Make-Up Hacks to Save Time and Money

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Most of the time, doing make-up can be a little tricky and difficult as it may seem. Women usually find a hard time applying them or even spend a lot way more than usual to get the results they always wanted. Here are some famous makeup hacks that will help every woman in daily living:

1. Dried Mascara

It may seem that the mascara is already done for its purpose because it dried up already but think again before buying a new one. Adding saline solution to the mascara makes it usable again. Revive the mascara by adding a few drops of the saline solution and shake it well.

The solution allows the mascara to be moisturized causing the dried parts to re-wet. Saves time and money from buying a new one.

2. Falsies Glue

Application of glue to fake eyelashes is one of the trickiest things in doing make-up. These adhesives are so sticky and easy-stick to make the falsies stay intact on its place. But these as well makes it messy when glue are not properly and carefully applied.

Instead of manually using hands in applying the glue, get a Bobby Hair Pin, and use the tip to evenly spread the glue on the baseline of the falsies. Wait for a few seconds to dry a little bit and then apply.

3. Bigger and Livelier Eyes

There are a lot of ways to make the eyes bigger and livelier. Usually with the proper and right blending of eyeshadows, one could achieve this. But the easiest way to achieve this eye is by applying a white eyeliner.

Apply the white eyeliner on the waterline evenly. This will hide the stressed eyes and will make the eyes look rounder.

4. Concealing Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

The most usual application of concealer every women does is by creating dots and evenly spreading it on the spots. Actually, the best way to apply this is by creating a triangle under the eyes. The base of the triangle must be placed under the waterline and narrowing the triangle going down the cheeks. Spread it evenly following the triangle made.

This will conceal the dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. Also, it will make the face look lifted.

5. Red Spots

Zits and acnes in reddish appearance are difficult to conceal with an ordinary concealer. Most of the time, the redness of the spots are not well hidden using the shades of concealers. The best trick to use is a green eyeliner or green eyeshadow. The green shade wins over the redness of the spots.

After applying a thin layer of green eyeliner or eyeshadow on the areas concern, apply a thin layer of concealer to hide fully the spot.

6. Thicker Lashes

No need to spend money on extensions and falsies. Using a baby powder will do the trick of having full and thick eyelashes.

Apply baby powder on to the lashes before applying the desired mascara. This will add volume to your lashes making it fuller and thicker.

7. Fuller Lips

Many find full lips a lovely and kissable one. One could get a fuller lips without having plastic surgeries. A quick tip to achieve this is to use lip liners and light-shaded pencil or eyeshadow. Apply first the lip liner of the same color as your lipstick to the outlines of the lips. Followed by the lipstick, apply it evenly. L

astly, get a lighter shade of pencil liner or eyeshadow and apply it on the center of the lips to highlight the front part making it fuller-looking. Shiners are optional.

8. Curly Lashes

Curling lashes using the usual curlers take time to finish the work. The best trick to do is to heat first the eyelash curler using a hairdryer before using it.

Heated curlers will make the lashes even more curly in a small amount of time.

9. Broken and Cracked Powder-Based Make Ups

Whether it is a face powder, or eye shadow, or foundation powder, once it got broken or got cracked many tend to throw them away instantly and replace it with new ones. But little did everyone know, these broken powder-based makeups may still be fixed back to its original form.

Simply by fully breaking and pulverizing them first allowing the product to be in its powder form.

Add enough water or even drops and then press it again and again until it compacts.

10. Using Same Brushes

The usual problem in using the same brushes is that the colors and shades blend with each other causing one not to get the desired results.

Now, the best way to use the same brush without mixing all the colors and shades is by tapping the brush on a tape, packaging, or scotch, just tap it until the tape removes all the excess shades from the previous makeup used.

In this way, the desired look may be easily achieved without having all of the extra brushes.

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