Top 10 On-the-Go Beauty Tips

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Do you barely have time to touch up every morning that you opt to just forego putting on makeup? Do you wish you have a simple 1-2-3 solution to prep up without killing too much time? What you need is a list of fast and easy on-the-go beauty and grooming tips that will make you look fresh, pretty, and ready anytime. Here are the top 10 on the go beauty tips.

1. Get rid of the oil

When it comes to makeup, the first and most important rule is to have a clean and shine-free face. That said, the number one enemy of makeup and of your face is oil. An oily face can start a string of problems, from acne formation to difficulty in applying even the simplest of cosmetics.

Therefore, the oil must be out of the picture. Get rid of oil by washing your face or wiping it off with oil control sheets.

2. Gloss for glam

In any given situation, at any given time, your lip gloss should always come in handy and be easily accessible. In fact, a lip gloss should be as constant in your purse as your mobile phone.

Wearing lip gloss can give your lips a fresh shine. It will also improve your smile. Plus, putting on lip gloss would not take very long.

3. Enhance the pout

Time to work on level two of your on-the-go beauty routine. When we talk about quick and easy steps to touch up your appearance, the lips should not be left out from the list. They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls. Well, the lips are our symbol of style, sexiness, and classiness. As what they also say, if you have it, flaunt it.

Invest in lipsticks of different hues and shades that would match your clothes. Also an additional tip: have one lipstick color that will be your regular shade.

4. Keep your hair loose…

An easy and basically requiring no time to fix up your hair is to keep it untied and loose. If a little messy, apply a small amount of moose or oil to keep your hair in place. Loose hair always looks sexy and free. Be sure to fluff it up so it can have volume.

5. …or wear a loose bun

Another easy and quick way to fix up your hair is to wear it in a loose bun. Just tie up your hair in a bun and don’t mind the loose ends and loose hair.

The idea is to give your bun a messy look, which would actually look cute and sexy.

6. Give your face a sun-kissed glow

Instead of applying your regular face powder, use the allotted time to apply a bronzer. Using a bronzer will give a more defined contour for your face, especially when applied with the correct technique.

This will also give you a tanned and sun-kissed glow which will be an envy of many.

7. Add a light blush

When you choose to wear a bronzer, apply only very light blush to add glow and blush to your cheekbones. This will make your cheekbones more defined.

If you choose to use your regular face powder, a good special technique to give your cheeks a natural blush is to apply the blush first, then the face powder and then top it off with very light blush again.

The combination will give your skin a fresh glow and will make your blush look natural.

8. Use your eyeliner

A simple eyeliner can complete your make up regimen and give you a classy and stylish overall appearance even if you only have little makeup on.

Use your eyeliner to trace the outline of your eyes and trace it up again to give it a shadow. This can double as an eye shadow and eyeliner at the same time.

9. The secret is with your eyes

If you have time to spare, give all you got to your eyes. The eyes are the most expressive part of your face and will look beautiful if you emphasize them.

Make your eyes bold and stylish by adding a smoky look with combinations of dark-shade eye shadows.

10. Try the no-makeup look

When being on-the-go barely gives you time to put on makeup, try the no-makeup look.

All you need to do is apply a small amount of your trusty lip gloss and pucker your lips to give it a little color and then you are good to go. Fresh, simple, and still pretty.

See? That should not take a big chunk of your time. You can walk out of your home with a fresh, confident smile and still with time to kill. Stay pretty on the go always.

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