Top 10 Beach Staples for This Summer

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Summer is finally here and people are coming out enjoying the sun. Others would prefer spending their day on the beach just to soak up that heat after the cold winter months. But the trip to the beach needs preparation especially on what to bring and wear. Here are the top 10 beach staples you might want to bring along.

1. Sundress

Your summer ensemble should not only be limited to shorts and tank tops. A pretty sundress would be a necessity this time of year when you will be going out a lot enjoying the warm sunshine. A sundress would make you feel cool under the warm weather too.

If you would feel a little chilly, you can throw on a jacket of your choice for extra warmth.

2. Sunscreen

By using sunscreen, you are protecting yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. They also reduce your risk of getting skin-related cancers caused by too much exposure to the sun such as melanoma skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Sunscreens come in different Sun Protection Factor (SPF), the higher the SPF the better.

3. A large tote

Summertime is always the time to go to beaches and relax with family and friends. If you find yourself having a spontaneous trip to the beach, all you need is a big bag where you can push in all your stuff and that includes a towel.

This is convenient since it’s the only thing you may need to carry around with you to the beach.

4. Sunglasses

A trusty pair of sunglasses is always a good investment. Ultraviolet rays can harm your eyes and cause ocular damage so protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun and other sources of light is always a necessary precaution.

The sunglasses should offer 100% UV absorption, made of the best quality, do not break easily, and most importantly inexpensive.

5. Cotton jeans

Jeans are always a must-have in every wardrobe. For this summer, comfortable cotton jeans are go-to summer clothing. It has all the styles you want similar to the denim jeans you wear a lot but without the icky feeling when you are sweating profusely.

They are cool and moisture-wicking garments that help you withstand the summer heat. You can wear them at night beach parties to avoid the night chills.

6. Bikini

Bikinis are the highlight of summer. The best part of it is flaunting your skin that has been hibernating in the winter months. Quality swimwear is also important, one that does not stretch completely with just a single wash.

It would also be nice to choose a pretty color or design to make you feel confident on the beach too.

7. Summer sandals

Sandals are always the kind of footwear you need when you want your feet to just breathe. Choose something that’s very comfortable, the ones that feel like you are not even wearing them.

The quality ones don’t come cheap, but you can have great sandals at just a fraction of the cost with the same comfort the expensive ones offer.

8. A beach cover-up

Cover-ups have been a trend lately and they come in various lovely crocheted designs too. They are used as a wrap after a swim when you don’t want to dress up yet.

Some people use it as a cover-up when they want to go to the bar for cocktails and not risk looking too underdressed. This piece of clothing is so versatile.

9. Shorts

Your legs are waiting to be shown off this summer. Flaunt them in comfortable denim shorts, runner shorts, viscose shorts and so many more designs to choose from. It helps you stay cool and fresh while enjoying the summer heat.

You can also pair it up with your favorite tank tops, cami tops, and even your bikini while on the beach, the choices are endless.

10. A wide-brimmed summer hat

A hat can offer you extra protection, especially if you do not have a beach umbrella with you on one of your spontaneous trips to the beach. You can use it while sunbathing or when taking a walk for protection.

This is also very stylish as it comes in various designs and it’s nice to pair it up with your sundresses and other summer outfits. Top off your favorite look with a pretty hat.

A beach trip is never complete without these things. It would make the time you spend there more comfortable and bearable under the extreme heat this summer. Complete your beach look with these and you’ll never go wrong. Everyone should have these in their closets to use and reuse, they just never go out of style and that includes the sunscreen too.

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