Top 10 Telltale Signs He’s a Keeper

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All those “chivalry is dead” and “finding Mr. Right” cliché has caused a lot of stir in the ladies department. With all the dating fails and horror stories that some women experience, you can’t blame yourself if you create a list of qualifications. Every woman wants to find that perfect guy. Ladies, truth is there is no such thing as perfect. There is, however, a Mr. Right For You. Here are the top 10 telltale signs that he is a keeper.

1. He is willing to put your needs first

A representation of a true gentleman: putting your needs first. While we live in a time when women and men are considered equal, your guy debunks that belief and still acts like a chivalrous knight to protect and care for you.

Simple things like opening the door for you, holding your hand when you cross the street, kissing your forehead – no ladies, chivalry is not dead for this kind of man.

2. You think about him and the stress dissipates

After a stressful day at work and even during the day, you just think of him and your tiredness starts to disappear.

This may be because he makes you happy or simply because you know that no matter what, he will be there to listen to you when the day ends.

3. You are comfortable to share your deepest, darkest secrets with him

Women have this built-in trust radar that can detect if a person is trustworthy or not. When you find yourself compelled to share your deepest, darkest secrets with him, it’s a sign that he is genuine and dependable.

Plus points if he empathizes with you on your deepest, darkest secrets, if he laughs with you or reflects with your on these memories.

4. You can’t stop thinking or talking about him

Okay, granted when you like someone, you think about them most of the time. But when you can’t stop thinking or talking about him is another story.

Also, the fact that you blab about him to your friends or family means this guy has good traits that you are proud of.

5. He enjoys hanging out with your family

For most men, meeting the family is usually the last step before proposing to the girl. Thus, most men only meet the family when they are head over heels serious with the women they are dating.

When your guy wants to meet your family, does not mind going to your family occasions where he is constantly bugged when you two are getting married and he actually enjoys hanging out with them, that’s a big check on your list.

6. He wants to be friends with your friends

Here’s a deal-breaker that should be a major telltale. He wants to meet your friends and he actually wants to be friends with them too. Your friends are like your sisters or brothers and they should come first.

So if he can stand how rowdy they are and if they think he’s good, that’s a neon-glowing “yes” sign.

7. He wants to see you always

While you both also need time for yourselves, he can’t stand not seeing you even for just once or twice in one week.

It’s like seeing you is a form of a lifeline for him and he cannot go a week without hanging out with you because he is that into you.

8. He listens and asks questions

When you talk about anything under the sun, he listens intently and even asks questions that are not stupid or ‘faking-it’ questions.

He is genuinely interested in what you are talking about and enjoys listening to even the most senseless stories as long as it is coming from you.

9. He sends you a link or an article that made him remember you

When you are not together and you receive a message or email from him linked to an article that he thinks you might find interesting.

Two things: one, he is thinking about you even when you’re not around; and two, he knows what will pique your interest which is a whole level of intimate.

10. He calls you just to check-in

When you tell him it’s going to be hell at work that day, he calls you in the middle of the day to check on you and ask how you are doing. This unmistakably means he thinks about you and cares to know if you are stressed out at work.

He also tries to make you smile when he hears your stressed voice.

No relationship and no man is perfect. You and your guy are bound to argue and fight once in a while. It’s part of the whole relationship thing. It’s how he is to you when things are good or bad, his attitude and behavior, and the actions that define him as the perfect man for you. When you find this guy, keep him.

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