Top 10 “Single” Goals Before Getting Married

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The difference between single and married is like the difference between “one” and “plus one”. In as simple as that statement, there’s yourself when you are single and then there is yourself and your constant companion when you are married.

Although marriage is a wonderful journey that involves friendship, unconditional love and so much more good things ideally, being single also has its own perks.

Each status has its pros and cons, but before we are married, we are all single. Despite the constant debate between which of the two is better, well no one can really say.

All we know is while you are in a part of your life where it does not require you to have a “plus one”, you might as well make the most of it. Here are the top 10 goals while you are single and before you decide to tie the knot.

1. Look for Love

One important matter to think about when you’re single is you are free to look for love. If you are in a relationship or a fling, remember that it does not always mean they are “the one”.

The best thing about looking for love is looking for someone you are most comfortable with, and when you do find him/her, you are sure.

2. Live with Your Partner

When you have made a full experience of living by yourself, you might also want to try living with your partner before you get married.

This is what most people would call a “test drive” if you are both comfortable living with one another and all that.

3. Live Independently

You might have been used to living with your parents and then with your roommates when you graduated that you are comfortable living with others. An exciting way to test your independence and maturity is to live alone for a period of time.

This will develop your home skills and you will learn many independent tasks which will prepare you for many things.

4. Spoil Yourself

Of course, it is not all prim, proper, and professional. One of the perks of single life is to spoil yourself with the occasional splurging and shopping without the guilt of spending too much on items you don’t need.

The keyword here is “occasional”, but don’t forget to have a little fun too.

5. Learn How to Cook

Being single does not mean you have to eat out all the time. Eventually, you would want to stay at home and eat in front of the TV or on the bed. It is always good to learn how to cook, even just for yourself.

Cooking is also a good way to prepare you for having a family in the future.

6. Buy a House

They say that a house is a lifetime investment and it is actually true. Having your own home secures a roof over your head for the rest of your life, instead of renting an apartment where terms and conditions may change and inconvenience your way of living.

Investing in your own home is a sign of maturity, independence, and stability.

7. Save Money

An essential factor for living independently and ensuring your future is to save money and keep it in a bank or time deposit bank service.

Although being single gives you more privileges such as looking after yourself only or going to parties every Saturday night, the wiser move is to save more of your income for your future.

8. Travel

Although traveling with your partner can deepen and stabilize the relationship, it has been said that traveling and seeing the world alone can deepen your relationship with yourself.

Traveling is a soulful way to connect with your deeper personality and see the world from your own point of view.

9. Career Growth and Stability

One important factor to consider before getting married is to grow professionally in your career and be stable in a company. Jumping from one company to another may not be a great idea especially if you are aiming for independence and personal stability.

Single life goal: get to the top of the corporate world.

10. Body Goals

Not only is a fit body a good way to attract a future partner, but it is also one way to fulfill your personal goals. When you are single, you have all the time to focus on your body and physical appearance, whilst being committed to someone else will gradually make you focus less on the physical aspects.

Being single is a good time for you to achieve your body goals through exercise and a healthy diet.

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