Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in Asia

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A mosque is a place of worship for Islam worshipers. Most of them are elaborately and lavishly designed to exude such beauty and elegance. It is also where Muslims gather to worship and meditate. Here are some of the most beautiful mosques located in Asia.

1. Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

The mosque was built in 1992 and it is considered as Brunei’s largest mosque. It was built for the purpose of celebrating 25 years of the sultan’s reign.

And because the current sultan is the 29th ruler of Brunei, the mosque is also made of 29 golden domes. The mosque is lit up at night, making it even more beautiful.

2. Sabanci Central Mosque

The Sabanci Central Mosque is the largest mosque in Turkey. The exterior facade of the mosque was inspired by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, while the interiors are inspired by the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne.

It was first opened in 1998 and occupies about 52,600 square meters of land, which also used to be an Armenian cemetery.

3. Mirror on Mosque

The Mirror on Mosque or the Shah Cheragh serves both as a funerary monument and mosque. It is located in Shiraz, Iran, and becomes the most important place for pilgrimages.

It is also a known fact that the tombs of the brothers Muhammad and Ahmad, who were sons of Musa-al-Kadhim, were housed here. It has the most attractive mosaics of mirror glass and doors lined with silver.

4. Jumeirah Grand Mosque

The Jumeirah Grand Mosque is the most photographed mosque in Dubai. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter inside, but only at the minarets where photos can be taken.

It was built in 1900 and was originally a school that teaches the Qur’an. Visitors to the mosque are advised to dress appropriately and conservatively.

5. Faisal Mosque

The Faisal Mosque is the largest in Pakistan, which covers about 54,000 square meters of land. It is shaped like a desert Bedouin’s tent, which is a symbol of Islamabad around the world.

The location of the mosque, which is situated at the foot of the Margalla Hills, makes it a visible night and day from miles away.

6. Shahjahan Mosque

The Shah Jahan Mosque was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1647 in the Sindh province of Pakistan. The emperor built the mosque as a gift to the hospitality of the people of Sindh.

The mosque is made up of red bricks and blue glazed tiles. The architecture was also built in such a way that the speaker can be heard from the far end of the mosque.

7. Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque or better known as the Blue Mosque is located in Istanbul. It was called the Blue Mosque because of its blue interior. There are about 200 stained glass windows that are intricately designed, which allows natural light to come in.

The tablets on the walls are decorated with verses derived from the Qur’an. On the chandeliers, ostrich eggs are placed to repel spiders and prevent cobwebs on the ceiling.

8. The Crystal Mosque

The Crystal Mosque or the Masjid Kristal can be found in Terengganu, Malaysia. It is beautifully made of glass, steel, and crystal. The building was constructed in 2006 and was finished by 2008. It is usually illuminated from the inside that results in a magnificent display of shiny domes. The mosque is also equipped with all the modern facilities like wireless internet and more.

Although the mosque’s architecture was inspired by different mosques around the world, the Crystal Mosque has Chinese elements incorporated into its structure, too.

9. Masjid al-Haram

The Masjid-al-Haram is known as the “Sacred Mosque” or the Great Mosque of Mecca. It is the largest mosque in the world and surrounds the Kaaba, which is Islam’s holiest place.

It is so large that it covers about 356,800 square meters of land. The mosque is open at all times and it is where the largest annual gatherings of Muslims take place, especially in the Hajj period.

10. Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi. The Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan built the mosque to establish unity among the different cultures of the Islamic world. His tomb is housed beside the mosque. It also has a library, which contains classical books about calligraphy, sciences, civilization, arts, and coins all pertaining to Islam.

It is also the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and can accommodate about 40,000 worshipers. The main prayer hall can accommodate about 7,000 and the smaller prayer halls can accommodate about 1,500 worshipers.

These mosques are just a few of the hundreds more around the world. Just see how much dedication and passion was put into building all of these mosques, all for the love for Allah.

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