Top 10 Benefits of Babywearing

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You’ve probably seen old movies where locals wear their children around while doing some errand. This practice is called babywearing.

What is babywearing?

It’s a practice where you wear your baby with the use of wraps, sling, or carrier. Though this may seem new to some of us, babywearing has been practiced for centuries all over the world.

A lot of groups are now advocating to have this brought back into practice as this traditional approach of taking care of your baby is proven to have lots of benefits.  Below are the top 10 reasons why you should try babywearing.

1. Babies Cry Less When Worn

One of the most basic needs of babies, especially newborns, is their mother’s warmth and touch. If this need is not fulfilled or satisfied, they’d more likely throw a tantrum. Babywearing fulfills this need as it keeps the child closer to their mothers. In a study conducted, infants who are worn cry 43% less overall and 51% less during night time. 

Your babies would cry tears of joy as they’d constantly feel your warmth and love.

2. Babies That are Worn Learn More and Grow Up Smarter

Our little ones love to see and explore the world. When you wear your baby, you take them to the best seat. It brings them to their optimal state of learning as they are worn snuggly in your arms, keeping them calm and happily observing the environment.

Babywearing helps the infant’s brain development as they are intimately involved in the adult world.

Parents could interact with their infants better as they are in the optimal visually interactive plane.

3. The “Humanizing” Benefits

Because babywearing puts your baby in the best seat in the house, they get to hear what their mother or father hears, sees what they see, and somehow feel what they feel. You involve your baby into your own world, making him more attune to your rhythm.

When you carry your baby while you are busy doing some household chores, you get them to experience what it feels like living in the adult world.

4. It Develops a Close Relationship Between the Baby and the Parent

It is human nature, no matter what your age is to long for love and affection. Babywearing helps parents develop a deeper relationship with their little ones, as they constantly feel each other’s warmth and rhythm. This closeness stimulates a happy hormone called oxytocin which results in a more intimate bond.

A baby that is often held and carried feels more loved and nurtured and in return gives this same love to their parents.

5. You Can Discreetly Breastfeed in Public

As natural as it seems to breastfeed your child, there are still a lot of people who shamelessly condemn mothers who breastfeed in public. As a result, some mothers are forced to feed their hungry babies in the restroom, away from the judgmental eyes. When babies are worn, mothers can conveniently and discreetly breastfeed their babies.

No one would ever tell you that you are shamelessly showing off some skin.

6. Helps Premature Babies and Babies with Special Needs to Grow Healthier Quickly

Kangaroo care, a practice that involves placing baby naked on their mother’s chest, is highly recommended for premature babies. When babies are worn, it regulates their temperature which helps them to grow strong and healthy.

The comfort of the mother’s heartbeat can do wonders to calm preemies or babies with special needs.

7. Brings Comfort and Convenience

With babywearing, going out without a nanny is so much easier. You don’t have to carry those bulky strollers or limit you to go to places where strollers can’t. You can conveniently be carefree and pass through crowded people and places with your baby safely tucked in your arms.

Plus, be a supermom where you can carry 3 plastic bags, one sling bag, and an 18pounds baby all at the same time.

8. Decreases the Risk of SIDs and Flat-Head Syndrome

When babies are worn, you keep the pressure off the back of their heads, which decreases their risk of having a flat-head syndrome. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs) can be caused by a lot of things, and babywearing is one way to reduce this risk.

Your little ones can sleep safely and conveniently while you are wearing them.

9. Promotes Early Language Development

Babies that are worn get to observe their parent’s facial expressions and body language which in turn helps them to develop the language faster.

Plus, they are in the best position where they could engage themselves with conversation and listen to what’s happening around them.

10. Parents are Able to Multi-Task

Ideally, it’s nice to think that you can play and cuddle with your baby all day long. But reality check, a lot of parents are having a hard time juggling between work, errands, and demanding children.

Babywearing lets you do other tasks while taking care of your baby at the same time.

And yes, I am wearing my baby as I am writing this article.

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