Top 10 Carry-On Essentials When Traveling

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When it’s the travel season, we should always be prepared with the stuff that we need to take with us. Packing is the first and most important step to do when you travel because of your personal essentials. While you can dump the shoes, clothes, and other heavy stuff in your check-in luggage, the carry-on bag is usually the tricky part.

Some airports and terminals have strict codes on what can be inside your carry-on, so you should be mindful of the rules but at the same time, take into consideration your comfort especially during long flights. Here are 10 things you should have in your carry-on.

1. Wallet and Passport

The most important essentials to have in your carry-on all the time are your wallet and passports. Your wallet should contain your identifications and enough cash, preferably with the local currency, to make your travel smooth and easy.

Your IDs and passport are important especially in airports and terminals so be sure to store them in aN easy-to-reach pocket of your carry-on bag.

2. Mobile Phone

Of course, your mobile charger can only be as useful if you have your mobile phone with you. One of the most important things to always have in your bag, your mobile phone is your first means of communication when traveling.

You use your phone to reach your contacts, use the GPS and internet, and many other essentials for your travel.

3. Mobile Charger

You’ll never know how long you will wait for your flight, if it gets delayed, or when you use up all the battery life of your mobile phone playing games or going through the internet while you are waiting. Avoid the inconvenience of dead battery especially during travel and bring your mobile phone charger in your carry-on.

Airports and terminals have charging stations you can use for charge your mobile battery.

4. Tissues and Wet Wipes

Tissues and wet wipes are just a couple of the most basic essentials you should have in your carry-on. Aside from the obvious “restroom necessity”, these can also be used to clean your surroundings while waiting in between travels.

You can wipe the chairs and tables before you use them as this is the hygienic thing to do.

5. Small Toiletry Kit

In the interest of personal hygiene, cleanliness and comfort, bring your own toiletry kit. Sure, airport and terminal restrooms have some of the basic essentials but it would still feel much comfortable if you have your own. You can bring a small bottle of sanitizing gel, toothpaste, toothbrush and “emergency” kits for the ladies.

It would be nice to have these essentials when you need them, instead of need them and not have them.

6. Earphones

Aside from the book to read, don’t forget you earphones. It’s nice to have options for entertainment. Also, earphones can be good noise-cancelling devices when you want to doze off for a nap and would like to drown out the background noise.

Prepare a good travel playlist before you go.

7. A Book

You’ll never know when you might feel sleepy or bored during the trip. Granted that most means of transportation nowadays have entertainment on them, it will still be good to have your own means of entertainment. Take a book to read, probably the one that you have been meaning to read for quite a while now.

The 8-hour flight might just be the right amount of time to finish the whole book.

8. Medications

Don’t forget to bring your medications with you on your carry on, especially if you are under maintaining medication. However, be sure to take only the right amount for the trip or for emergencies.

Some airports and terminals may not permit the transport of drugs so be sure to also bring your prescription, if any.

9. Snacks

Airports and terminals have plenty of food stores and concession stands to buy food but they can sometimes be over pricey with food that is barely satisfactory. The best to do is to bring your own snacks. Prepare a sandwich or a fruit in your bag to munch on when you feel hungry.

You get to save a few dollars and eat quality food too.

10. Water

Water is a basic need and important to stay hydrated especially during long travels. Bring a refillable water bottle in your carry-on and keep it full. Drink water as much as you can. Also, be prepared to drink the water in front of the security team in airports.

This is one safety protocol done in many airports and terminals these days.

Don’t dwell too much on other stuff. Basically, if you will not need it during the flight, it can go to your check-in luggage. As long as you have all the basic essentials for your comfort and entertainment, your carry-on luggage is good to go.

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