Top 10 Hacks to Prolong Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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In the recent times, one of the most common problems of smartphones is the battery life. As time passes by, you may notice that smartphones are being further improved and innovated. Phones are getting slimmer and parts are getting smaller which leaves no more room for batteries.

Although phones of today are much more advanced in comparison to the older generations, the battery life has become the most apparent concern of many. It appears that the more advanced and innovated the smartphones are, the more these gadgets are prone to shorter battery life span.

If you are experiencing this kind of concern, here are some of the best hacks you could do to prolong your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Turn Off WiFi When Not In Use

While being connected to WiFi has become largely the trend nowadays, you could actually save a few percentage of your battery lifespan when you turn of your connection. Apparently, one of the main reasons why smartphones and gadgets today are very much prone to shorter battery lifespan is because of the connections.

Try turning off the WiFi especially when you are not using the connection or your phone. This can save you a lot of battery in totality.

2. Minimize Data Usage

There is no doubt that you turn on your data when there is no WiFi connection. Although connecting to the internet is largely apparent nowadays, try to still minimize your data usage in entirety. Turn off your phone’s data connections when not in use or every after use.

Similar to WiFi, using data at all times can largely drain your battery.

Moreover, it is seen that significant usage of your data connections is much worse in comparison to connecting to WiFi in terms relating to battery life.

3. Disable Auto Sync and Updates

Now, when you are connected to WiFi or when you use your data connections, not only that these connections can credit costs on your account but also these can drain your phone’s battery life due to some features.

These features usually include the automatic syncing and automatic updating of apps and settings.

Although you need a stable connection to establish these sync and updates successfully, you may want to turn these features off when you are really trying to save battery.

4. Uninstall or Disable Applications That Eats Too Much Battery

There are actually applications on your phone that not only eat too much space but also eat too much battery. These apps are usually called hogs due to the fact that these can swiftly drain your gadget’s battery life.

You could check such apps by going to the application manager which enables you to manage completely the installed apps on your phone.

You may either disable them or uninstall these apps especially when you do not use them regularly.

5. Use Darker Wallpapers and Themes

Smartphones and gadgets of today are very much fond of personalization. By and large, this is very true for Android phones and gadgets. Although personalization of your phones appears to be enticing and fun in totality, using too much vibrant colors and hues can largely shorten your phone’s battery.

Try to use instead darker themes and wallpapers especially when you are trying to maximize your battery.

There is a good reason why smartphones usually have a “Grayscale” feature – you know.

6. Turn Off Location and Geo Settings

Turning on your location and Geo settings is also a bad news to your battery life. Apparently, these things work the same with auto updates and sync – they only work when you have a stable connection.

Although you may need WiFi and data before you could use them, you may want to turn them off for the sake of your battery.

7. Turn Off Vibration

Turning off the vibration is somewhat true for all kinds of mobile phones. When you experience owning an older version of cellular phones, the number one enemy of batteries of these phones is the vibration feature.

People who want to save battery usually turn off the vibration. Similarly for smartphones, disabling the vibration can largely save you battery.

8. Use Battery Life Saver Features

Android phones today have already included battery saver features. You may want to use and maximize these features since they can significantly help you maximize your battery in totality. When you enable these things on your phone, it manages the apps and usage of every single thing included on your phone.

You may also download different apps available on the store that are well intended for saving and managing battery life.

9. Decrease The Bright Screen

It is important for you to note that having a bright screen can largely shorten the battery’s life. Now, decreasing the amount of it can help you slow down the draining of the battery.

Apparently, you do not need too much brightness.

10. Turn Off Gadget When Charging

Turning off your phone and not using it while charging the battery can help you maximize fully the charge. This is very much recommendable for all phone available today. Aside from maximizing and saving the battery in entirety, you are also taking care of your phone.

There are studies and researches that state that using your phone while charging can damage the battery.

In conclusion, your phone’s battery life is entirely dependent on your usage. You could actually save as much by applying these tips and hacks since these are few of the things that largely cause the draining and shortening of your battery’s life.

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