Top 10 Fun Activities for Weekend Family Time

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For many families and households, the weekend is the only time when the whole family can see each other and bond. It’s inevitable for most cases. Children are busy with school.

Parents are busy with work. Everyone seems to have something to focus on during the weekdays that even dinner time may not be complete with the whole family.

Thankfully, we have the weekend to rest and refresh ourselves with our family. Weekends are family days and the two days that we get to spend with our loved ones without worrying about work or school.

That is two days of bonding, fun, and family togetherness. Make the most of your family time with these fun activities for the weekend.

1. Watch a Movie Together

The simplest, easiest, and quickest way to get the family together in one place and bond for hours is to have a movie marathon of family-oriented movies.

Having everyone in the entertainment area passing along the popcorn and taking turns in deciding what movie to watch next is a fun time to spend with the family while just sitting back and relaxing.

2. Cook and Eat Together

Aside from the entertainment area, the best place inside your home to bond with the kids and the whole family is the kitchen. After all, food brings the family together. Take turns in cooking or have everyone help out in whatever dish you are preparing. You can have one do the slicing, another member does the washing and other tasks that can keep the buzz in the kitchen while also bonding with the family.

The food you cook will definitely be full of love.

3. Go Out and Eat Out

If you prefer to not cook, that’s good too. You can go out to a mall and hang out with the family there. When mealtime comes, you can treat the family to a fine restaurant that can give you a hearty meal. It is also one good way to bond with the kids and give time to them during the weekends.

Try the newest restaurant in town or another set of dishes and try them together with your family.

4. Do Some Gardening with the Kids

Kids who enjoy playing around in the backyard and getting a little dirty will certainly enjoy this activity. It will also make your garden much more beautiful, so it’s really a win-win situation. Gather the family in the yard and give them simple instructions on the tasks they are assigned during the gardening session.

This can be a perfect time to share stories and some laughs while you work in the garden.

5. The Classic Board Games

Nothing beats the classic board games when it comes to family activities during the weekend. It’s simple. It’s fun. It gets everyone in the family involved and on the same level of chances of winning.

You can even add fun and simple consequences to those who do not win every game, just to keep the game fun and active.

6. Have a Garage Sale

This is the perfect example of bonding and making money while you are at it. Gather the clothes, things, and other unused stuff of the whole family – anything will certainly do – and put up a small garage sale for your community.

This is a fun activity that will also gain you a profit that you can use to plan your next family vacation.

7. Have a Backyard Camping

Want to go camping but do not have a lot of time to actually travel and hike? No worries. You can still have the joys and basics of camping all in your backyard.

You can put up a tent and have your own bonfire (if your garden permits), and have a camping activity in your own backyard.

8. Spa Day

Take turns in giving each other massages. Nothing too elaborate, just simple and easy massage of the foot and the hands (or the back).

This can give a relaxing mood for the whole family to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

9. Have a Barbecue

A barbecue party in your backyard can be a fun, family activity where the boys can “man the grill” while the girls prepare the table – or wherever the kids would enjoy the most.

The idea is to have a barbecue to bond with the whole family.

10. Go on a Mystery Trip

Dads and Moms, you can plan a secret weekend trip and surprise the kids.

Nothing says happiness than with the look on their faces when they find out they are going to have an adventure with the family.

Two days for a weekend can be enough when you spend every minute wisely and spend it with the ones you love. Make every weekend family-time. Keep your family connected and closely-knit. After all, we work and study so we can provide a good life for our family. Weekends are the best time we can enjoy that good life.

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