Top 10 Ways to Have a Positive Start to Your Day

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Positivity is an important attitude to have. With the realities of life unfolding in our faces every day, being positive can be the difference between staying sane and falling with the craziness of everything. But how does one stay positive despite it all?

The answer is simple: start everything with positivity. This includes, and most importantly, waking up with a positive vibe. As they would say, only you can control your attitude and thoughts. While you are at it, why not choose the one that can give you less stress and fewer wrinkles? Here are the top 10 ways to have a positive start to your day.

1. Open your curtains a little before going to sleep

Before going to bed every night, open your curtains or blinds halfway so that the natural light of sunrise can seep into your morning. Waking up naturally this way can signal your body and brain that it’s another day.

It’s much better if this becomes your wakeup call and let the alarm snooze out. Even better if you wake up to the light of sunrise before the alarm sounds off.

2. Snooze that alarm

If you do follow an alarm time on your clock, set that alarm 10 or 15 minutes before the actual time that you need to get up. This gives you plenty of time to snooze out and shake the sleep away from you.

You can cuddle with your partner for a bit, or you can use the time to pep-talk your brain with positive thoughts for the day.

3. Meditate in bed

Meditation has been a long and effective tradition in clearing and calming the mind. Some may opt to do this through prayer; others may meditate through relaxing the mind and body.

Through meditation, you clean your mind and body, and you prepare it for another day to come. You can also use this to reflect on some positivity as motivation for the day.

4. Quote-of-the-day

You can get a little help from technology by downloading an app on your phone or tablet that can give you a daily dose of motivation through quote-of-the-day. You can also use this quote as your thought to reflect on when you meditate.

Sometimes, all we need is a reminder of how great we can be and how great a day can be. These apps can help you achieve that simple reminder of positivity.

5. Do a little body stretch

As you get up, it’s time to kick start your physical aspects. Stretching is an effective way to release the energy and adrenaline that your body needs.

It is also advisable to do when you get up in the morning because this will wake up your sleeping muscles and improve the blood circulation in your body.

6. Get in the shower

What better way to start the day than to be clean and fresh? Take your well-deserved hot (or cold) shower to start-up and freshen up your senses.

This will also make you more alert and attentive which are both important as you start a new day.

7. Eat breakfast

Breakfast is not called the most important meal of the day for no reason. After your body hibernates for a few hours on what we call “sleep”, eating breakfast can help kick start your body with the energy you need.

Starting the day with a well-fed stomach will help make you think clearly and positively.

8. Take your daily supplements and vitamins

Vitamins and supplements will not only maintain your health, but it will also keep your mind and body active and attentive.

Vitamins can boost your energy and help you stay active throughout the day, regardless of the activities you have.

9. Grab a cup of coffee

As you go out, ready to conquer the world, grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or any detox beverage you take every morning that will help you wake up and be active.

The smell of coffee in the morning alone is said to have positive effects on the brain which can wake up the senses.

10. Smile

Of course, as we said, you control your day and you control your positivity. Keep that smile plastered on your face as you walk along towards your destination.

Smiling gives your body an energetic and positive vibe, as well as it gives other people you meet a sense of positivity too.

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