Top 10 Things You Should Avoid Saying on Your First Date

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A first date is like a job interview with a company that you are predominantly interested to join. As far as making an impression goes, this is where you are given the opportunity to flaunt your skills and impress your potential partner. Although sometimes, our excitement can build up that we are unable to control ourselves and just pour out our most awkward gut-feels. Here are the top 10 things you should never say on your first date.

1. “I have a 9mm pistol. Do you want to see?”

This is probably not the best time to brag about your pistols, hunting knives, and deadly whatnots. You would not want your date to think that you have the tendency to become a serial killer or someone that could seriously injure them.

This statement is a big no-no to say on your first date.

2. “Do you agree with sex on the first date?”

Let’s be realistic here. Of course, going on a date means you would want to have intimate relations with the person. But putting it on the table right there and then? Just no.

What you should do is let the night play on its own and who knows you will actually be getting some action tonight.

3. “How many people have you slept with?”

First of all, what is the relevance of this question to your date? Second, asking this question to anyone is simply rude and out of context.

If you’re the type of person who does not want to be with someone who has had many (or few) sexual relations and experiences, then you need to wake up – or don’t date at all.

4. “Our offspring will be beautiful.”

This is not just weird, it’s creepy. Sure, you can both be good looking and a simple algebra would show adding positive and positive equals a positive too.

Trust us when we say, this is not the right time to be planning your baby’s names.

5. “Are you smart?” or “What is wrong with you?”

In your defense, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know your date more and knowing if you are compatible – but that’s the length of your defense. Asking your date if he/she is smart or if there is something wrong with them that you should know about is just simply wrong.

It’s the first date, after all. You just need to scratch the surface a bit and nothing of that deep stuff.

6. “Wow, you are one hungry person.”

Here’s the truth: some people eat a lot. Some of them eat a lot even on first dates when your focus should be on “the date”. Here’s another truth: if a person can be his/her normal self when eating even on your first date, that means he/she is comfortable enough to be with you.

Take that as a positive rather than a negative.

7. “You have a strong resemblance to my ex.”

Seriously, no date likes to hear about your ex and how your previous relationship was so perfect or so not perfect. No date would like to think that you are only dating them because they look like your ex.

If they do look like your ex, keep it to yourself, will you?

8. “Your friend is hot, too.”

Either your date was tagged on Facebook by a “hot” friend or you were literally snooping and stalking on his/her friends’ list. Yes, you may come across some of their hot friends but you are dating them, right there, right at that moment.

Your date would not like the idea that you are comparing him/her to a friend. That may even start a conflict with them. Eek.

9. “You sure could shed a few extra pounds.”

It’s like the “you are one hungry person” comment, magnified ten times with rudeness and insensitivity. It’s not even a subtle attempt to tell a person that he/she is fat – it’s worse.

Ideally, you go on a date to know a person more and to see if you are compatible. No talking about the weight. It’s just impolite.

10. “Can you pay for our dinner?”

To top the royally messed up things to say during a first date – asking your date to pay for dinner. Like, seriously?

Men and women alike, it’s not a bad thing to admit that you can’t pay, but for crying out loud, just cancel or reschedule the date if you are out of budget.

While the objective is to impress your date, there is a social faux pas that you should look out for. These statements may be your doom from ever going on a second date. Sometimes your interests differ from theirs and it may be a little early to challenge them on a debate. While you are still testing the waters, keep it soft and simple so your date would not go running for the hills.

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