Top 10 Things Every Girl Should Have in Her Purse

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Women may have different tastes in fashion, but we all have one thing in common. Anywhere you go, you will hardly see a woman without a purse. It could be a large purse or a small pouch, a purse has become a part of a woman’s overall outfit.

Women carry purses all the time to have a safe place for all our essentials. You know the regular and common stuff – cell phones, wallet, keys – that can be too bulky to be inserted in our jeans pocket. But you know what they say: you ask a woman anything under the sun and it miraculously appears inside her purse. Live up to that expectation and be the all-time ‘girl scout’. Here are the top 10 things every girl should have in her purse.

1. Sanitary wipes

Cleanliness and hygiene down there is a must and non-exemption. Sanitary wipes will keep you clean and fresh especially if you spend a long time out from home or under the sun. Sanitary wipes also act on dual purpose.

Aside from its main use, you can also use it to clean your hands, face, and other things in the absence of water.

2. Oil blotting papers

An oily face is our biggest enemy as it is responsible for the formation of acne and pimples in our faces. Spending a few hours outside or putting on makeup can make your face oily and unkempt.

Oil blotting papers can remove the stubborn oil from your skin and keep you looking fresh.

3. Band-aids

Band-aids can always come in handy in many ways. Aside from its main use to cover and protect small wounds.

It can also be used to cover peeled skin from your fingers which can be nastily painful. There’s also the occasional use of its sticky features, as needed.

4. Hand sanitizer

As we said, hygiene is a must and a hand sanitizer is your closest thing to cleanliness, in the absence of water. You can use a sanitizer to keep your hand clean after using the toilet, before eating and other times when you feel like your hands need to be cleaned up.

This is important to keep your hands sanitized and this is even an effective way to avoid sickness brought by germs and bacteria.

5. Breath freshener

A breath freshener is a must-have in your bag. When you eat outside or when you are about to meet someone and you don’t have the time to do a quick run to the bathroom and brush your teeth.

A breath freshener will ensure that your breath is cool and smells good. Remember: bad breath is a major turn off.

6. Safety pins

You’ll never know when your buttons will fly out or when your pants zipper will play up. It’s better to be prepared for these wardrobe malfunctions to avoid having to rush home because your blouse has decided to “open up”.

Safety pins will always come in handy, not only for clothes but for many other small purposes it can do.

7. Zip locks

Zip locks are extremely intelligent inventions. These recyclable plastic storages can serve many purposes from storing a sandwich for your lunch or keeping your cell phone and other valuables dry if you are running into the rain.

Having one or two in your purse won’t take up much space but can definitely save you a ton of storage issues when you are out.

8. Cardholders

Ladies who have much stuff in their purses should make sure that their cards – ATMs, credit cards, and IDs – are kept in a secure manner.

Cardholders can ensure that your cards are safe and won’t be cut in half from all the jiggling inside your purse.

9. Tissue

The tissue is an all-around, all-purpose tool that can come in handy for you every time. Any time of the day, in any situation, there is always a time when tissue will be useful.

Wiping your face, your nose, your eyes, and even cleaning your desk, and so on.

10. Cell phone charger

Since your cell phone is a regular in your bag, bring its charger with it too. They are a pair that should be brought together at all times, especially when you use your phone often and the battery might be drained.

Having your charger will allow you to maintain the battery of your phone and charge it when it’s needed.

Women are known to be always prepared, and our purses don’t just hang there for no reason. You’ll never know when you will need any of this essential yet unusual stuff to be in your purse. Just so you are prepared and you can maintain your freshness and beauty even in the most stressful of times, always be ready and have these small items in handy.

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