Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloth Diapers

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Disposable diapers are a popular and convenient choice amongst parents; but if you haven’t gotten acquainted with cloth diapers, it is high time that you should. Cloth diapers have been practiced since time immemorial but lost its popularity when disposable diapers were introduced in the market.

If you’re thinking of throwing your disposable diapers away and switching over to cloth diapers, below are some of the reasons that would push you to do the switch.

1. It’s Economical

Cloth diapers may sound a bit more expensive compared to disposables in the beginning, but if you are going to think of long-term, cloth diapers can help you save more over time.

Each household spends approximately $20 to $75 per month over disposable diapers. For 2 years or more, that’s $480-$1800 thrown away literally. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are washable so you can use them plenty of time.

2. You’ll Go Crazy Over the Designs

Once you started using cloth diapers, you would realize you find yourself spending more time checking out those cute designs.

The choices of color, designs, texture, and materials are beyond you’ll get easily addicted. Don’t make a promise to your significant other that this would be the last batch that you will purchase coz for sure you will be breaking that promise a lot of times.

3. You’re Helping Save Mother Earth

The Earth is not  as vibrant and safe place as it was decades ago because of the wastes and toxins we’re throwing at it.

Approximately 27.4 billion single-use disposable diapers are used every year which amounts to 7.6 billion pounds of garbage each year. Now you may think that your child’s disposable diaper may not contribute this much to the garbage, but each baby that wears a disposable diaper creates about 2000 pounds of garbage over the course of two years.

Do your share. One baby that is using cloth diapers is less 2000 pounds of garbage.

4. You’re Reducing the Likelihood of Your Little Ones Having Diaper Rash

Almost all babies have experienced diaper rash and irritation, but babies that are using cloth diapers experience less than those that are using disposables.

The cloth is obviously gentler and safer on your babies’ skin.

5. Having Vast Knowledge About Cloth Diapers Always Come in Handy

It’s always interesting when you learn new things and cloth diapers give you an opportunity to learn new knowledge.

Accustom yourself with inserts, pocket diapers, hemp boosters, and all those cloth diaper jargon. Aside from the fun that you get when you acquire new knowledge, it is always cool when you share this knowledge with other moms who are interested in cloth diapering.

6. You’re Helping Local and Small Manufacturers

Unlike disposable diapers which are produced by multi-million companies, most cloth diapers are handmade by local and small companies.

Some of these are even made by a stay at home moms; each piece was made with so much love and attention to details. Using cloth diapers is patronizing these local companies.

7. Babies That are Cloth-Diapered Get Potty Trained Early

The average American child is potty trained around 29-31 months but you can start potty training them in as early as 6 months. Nowadays, only about 10% are potty trained by 18 months that’s because nearly 95% of the kids use disposable.

If we go way back in the 1950s when nearly all kids used cloth diapers, 95% were already potty trained when they reach 18 months.

So if you don’t want to build a long relationship with diapers, start using cloth diapers now.

8. Spending Too Much Time for Your Little One’s OOTD is No Longer a Problem

In the world where almost everything is posted on social media, we want to make sure that our little ones are picture-perfect all the time. Even I am guilty of this. We spend too much time choosing the perfect outfit for our babies.

This is not the case with cloth diapers. Just simply choose one design, grab a t-shirt and cute shoes and accessories to go along with and your baby is ready for that Instagram moment.

9. Your Organizational Skills Will Be Developed

The chore of washing, drying, folding, and sorting cloth diapers are not for the weak.

Cloth diapering would teach you the patience of pre-washing each piece and meticulously washing and drying them up according to colors, designs, and type.

It would change you into a highly organized individual.

10. Bum-Friendly

As a parent, we want nothing but the best for our little ones. It means carefully choosing the best and safest products for them as they have sensitive skin. The materials used in cloth diapers are natural, organic, and safe to all skin types.

With cloth diapers, you are 100% confident that what you are putting on in your child is safely tested.

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