Top 10 Reasons Why Blogging is a Good Idea

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Hi there! I am a freelance writer who lives and breaths content on a daily basis. I consider myself to be a living paradox. An old soul trapped in a modern world. A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and a professional over-thinker. I can't start anything unless I have my coffee. Writing has been and always will be my way of calming the storms in my heart and mind.

To blog or not to blog? Some writers are torn between starting their own blog or staying incognito with their own thoughts. Writers have their reasons why they start or not start a blog. For those who are hesitant to create a blog page, mostly the reason is that the maintenance may take too much time or the fear of judgment from others.

This is normal and every other writer goes through the same phase. But hesitation and fear are only at the beginning. Once you start to generously share your thoughts, they come pouring out like a waterfall and before you know it, you’re a proclaimed blogger. Still not convinced? Here are the top 10 reasons why blogging is a good idea.

1. You can touch other people’s lives

Writing, blogging, sharing your thoughts, ideas, and motivational stories can reach out to the hearts of your readers and touch their lives.

After all, as writers, our dream is to touch the hearts and lives of our readers through the subconscious and make them feel what we feel.

2. You can express your thoughts

Blogging – and more so writing – is the best way to express all your thoughts, especially the ones you do not say. As the illustration goes, what we say is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sometimes, we express emotions and thoughts that we don’t even know exist, through writing them down.

3. Your life becomes healthier

It is we who define whether we have a healthy life or not. For most, healthy life means being active and experiencing life as how it should be experienced. When you write, you get more exposed to life.

You become motivated to experience new stuff and this makes your life become healthier.

4. You are motivated to experience more in life

Benjamin Franklin said, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing”. When you write, you get the hunger to experience more in life so that you have more stories to write about.

In a similar way, experiencing life, nature, and simple beauties of the world can inspire your mind to write new pieces.

5. You are free to share your mind and it’s also free

When you have your own blog site, it’s like an open book of you. You are free to write anything under the sun, provided that you also consider sensitive topics or claims.

You are free to share your thoughts and your mind to others. Some blog sites are free of charge, therefore you can also maintain your blog for free.

6. You can meet new people

Writing and blogging can expose you to society as you open up yourself to it. For example, when you write certain articles, you would need to research and ask around.

This would lead you to meet new people which can be more than just a contact. You can make new friends and go to new places.

7. You can make a living out of blogging

You can make money out of blogging through advertisements on your blog site or you can use your writing talent to join blog sites and share your knowledge about certain topics.

Many freelance writers have ventured into this type of blogging which allowed them to earn money while also doing something they enjoy – writing.

8. You think better (rationally)

As a blogger, you will learn that whatever theme you have for your blog, you should report and write about facts (except, of course, if you write about fiction). Your honesty builds your credibility.

Thus, when you always deliver the facts and well-explained stories, you also learn to think rationally and write in a systematic way that shares the truth.

9. You develop your writing skills

It’s the art of practice, and practice – as they would say – makes perfect. Blogging will expose you to different topics and writing about different ideas.

It will also open you to new words, expressions, and idioms when you also visit other people’s blogs. This will allow you to widen your vocabulary and therefore also develop your writing skills.

10. You can develop self-confidence through blogging

Self-confidence is one important trait that can get you through life in a lot of ways, and it is something that you can learn from blogging. When you blog, you write about your thoughts and opinion over a specific topic.

Your confidence is built up, at the back of your mind, because you are writing down your thoughts and you consider your voice to be heard by the many.

Writing is a passion and a way of life. Being able to share your thoughts through the written word is more of a privilege, rather than talent – and we are all given the privilege to express ourselves. Through blogging, you are given the freedom to be yourself and that is a golden opportunity.

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