Top 10 Lifestyle Diseases That You Can Definitely Avoid

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Today’s lifestyle includes many choices and paths to take. You can choose to live a life of unhealthy eating, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking and other unhealthy habits that, we can’t deny, are most enjoyable and part of many social circles. Peer pressure, if you may. On the other hand, you can choose a healthy path – maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding physical vices that can affect your internal organs. Whichever you choose also determines your health and your length of time here on earth. Here are 10 lifestyle diseases that you can definitely avoid.

1. Pulmonary Diseases

Diseases relating to the lungs such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and pneumonia are only a few of the lung problems that can cause a heavy burden to you. Symptoms such as wheezing and difficulty in breathing can make you uncomfortable. The lack of oxygen intake can also affect your body in huge magnitudes.

Pulmonary diseases oftentimes are caused by smoking and too much exposure to air pollution. Thus, not smoking and breathing clean air often can definitely avoid this.

2. Liver Cirrhosis

Thousands die every year due to liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a condition where the liver and the group of organs around it fail to function properly or has a disorder. This can lead to liver cancer but the initial condition alone is enough to be a heavy burden.

Alcohol consumption is seen as the main cause of liver damage. Therefore, reducing and totally removing your alcohol consumption can definitely avoid this.

3. Obesity

It’s alarming to think about how the rate of obesity increases every year and there seems to be no control of this lifestyle issue. Unhealthy eating habits, too much fast food and basically eating too much without working to remove the excess ways are some of the causes of obesity.

What’s worse is that it is only the beginning of a possible series of health disorders brought about by an unhealthy eating habit. Thus, eating a healthy diet and exercise can definitely avoid this.

4. Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is a condition where your body produces higher glucose count than your body needs and when the insulin in your blood does not perform its regular task, which is to produce energy. This condition is common in people with Type II Diabetes and those with unhealthy eating habits.

With the continuous increasing rate in obesity every year, the number of Type II Diabetes cases also increases. A healthy eating habit and regular exercise can definitely avoid this.

5. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, as the name speaks for itself, is a condition where your blood pressure goes over the normal rate which is commonly 120/90 or just a tad higher or lower than that. Also known as hypertension, there are a number of possible causes for this condition and some are hereditary or aging.

Lifestyle causes include stress, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, and overuse of salt. Point blank, a healthy lifestyle can definitely avoid this.

6. Heart Disease

High cholesterol intake, obesity, and unhealthy eating habits are only a few of the causes of heart disease. A heart problem occurs when the functions of the heart muscles become abnormal.

Smoking is also seen as a major culprit of this health problem. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to stop smoking can definitely avoid this.

7. Cancer

Cancer is seen to be the epitome and result of an unhealthy lifestyle. The worse thing about cancer is that symptoms don’t usually show until the later stages, where the disease is hard to fight.

Many people die of cancer every year, yet many still are being diagnosed. Basically, a healthy lifestyle can definitely avoid this.

8. Stroke

A stroke happens when unhealthy blood running through your blood vessels causes a blockage in your brain and an oxygen deficiency. A stroke is unpredictable and oftentimes happens, leaving its victim unaware.

Because the blood plays a major factor in this health condition, it is fitting to say that the blood should remain healthy for you to avoid this.

9. Arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis is a condition of the arteries or blood vessels where the blood follows an abnormal flow. This is commonly caused by too many fatty plaques in the vessels. This can cause chest pains and lead to a heart attack if not addressed.

Arteriosclerosis commonly happens because of eating too many fatty foods. Therefore, a healthy diet can definitely avoid this.

10. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Probably one of the most known and common lifestyle diseases of today, and something all of us can control, are STDs. This directly affects our predilections when it comes to our sexual lifestyle and is commonly caused by having multiple partners.

Being faithful, using protection, and sticking with one partner can definitely avoid this.

These are diseases that are too painful even by just thinking about them. Bottom line is that your choice of lifestyle will have a great impact on your health. If you choose the unhealthy path, then you can be sure to face some lifestyle diseases that can come as early as your twenties. If you choose a healthy path, you can avoid lifestyle diseases and live a happy and long life.

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